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: Mopar Combustion Chamber Cleaner Experiences

Da Kine Guy
02-02-2003, 04:42 PM
Here's what I got off of dsmtalk:

Doing the MCCC
[MCCC = Mopar Combustion Chamber Conditioner]

Stage I: 2 beers [one for you and one for your buddy]
Stage II: 2+ beers [depends on soaking time allowed]

Parts and tools needed:
-needle nose pliers
-2 (or more if you want) cans of Mopar Combustion Chanmber Conditioner (MCCC)
-a turkey baster (don't laugh)
-some spare vac line (large enough to fit over PCV nipple and small enough to fit through
spark plug hole to cylinder... and long enough to reach piston top.
-small bit of wire (maybe 5")
-new spark plugs
-empty Gatorade bottle (or something similar to collect garbage fluid)
-new oil and oil filter
-bonus: if you have a buddy to help


1) Stage I is to clean up the intake and valves by spraying the MCCC into the intake via the PCV hose. First step is to
drive the car around and get it up to operating temperature.

2) Stop the car in a well ventalated area (beleive me this is very important... I found that out for myself).

3) Take the top rubber part of the turkey baster off. Place on the other end about a 3~5" length of vac line big enough
to fit over the PCV hose nipple on the intake. Then attach the other end of the vac line to the intake nipple after removing
the PCV hose from the intake nipple (this is where you'll need the needle nose pliers... to loosen the clip holding the PCV
hose onto the intake nipple). The turkey baster is now a nice long funnel for you to spray the MCCC into.

4) Start the car up and don't let it stall. If you have a buddy it's best cuz they can sit in the car and concentrate on not
letting it stall. If you don't have any friends (then I feel sorry for you) you can keep the car from stalling by using the throttle
right there in on the left of the intake.... this makes the job a bunch more difficult though. Anyway, while the car is running
start spraying into the turkey funnel ). Spray in about 5 second burst... then let the car recover and spray another burst.
Do this until the can of MCCC is empty.

5) If this is all you are doing change the spark plugs now... the ones in there will be very fouled after that beating you just
unleashed on them. If you're doing stage II just put the new ones in when done.

6) Stage II is the soaking of the cylinders. First you can send you buddy home... he's done his part (and this will leave
more beer for you). Remove all the spark plugs. Now transform the turkey funnel into the turkey syphon. Put the top
rubber part back on, then add the wire around the point where it goes over the glass tube part and twist the wire to tighten
the connection. This makes it much more air tight and allows for better suction power. Then attach to the other end of the
turket syphon a vac line that will fit into the spark plug hole all the way down to the deepest set piston (2 will be high and 2

7) Now spray MCCC into each plug well.... lots of it. I recommend 2 soaking cycles... so for the first use half the can
spread between all cylinders. Once done wipe the plug hole with a rage just so that the MCCC doesn't sit eating your plug
well gaskets. Then take a break for at least half and hour.

8) Come back and grab the turkey syphon and the Gatorade bottle. Suck every last drop of fluid outta each cylinder
and put into the bottle using the syphon. Get it all out. Wipe up any fluid that drips onto your car.... MCCC makes a
fantastic paint remover (. You can keep repeating steps 7 and 8 as long as you want if you have enough bottles of
MCCC. Now the standard way to do it is the last time you let is soak overnight... which is great but I'll warn you your car
will not initially want to start. It will eventually if you have enough juice in your battery but it'll take a little while. However if
you don't soak overnight the car will start much easier since it'll still be somewhat warm. When your happy or all the
MCCC is gone continue with step 9.

9) ***Make sure you got every bit of liquid outta each cylinder***. Throw the new plugs in and get it started and drive
it around the block to get the oil flowing around. Again it will take a while to start if you did the overnight soak. Some of
the MCCC will have slipped past the piston rings fouling the oil so a nice drive around the block will get it mixed in. Then
pull back in your driveway and immediately change the oil. The MCCC doesn't do anything healthy to your oil so you want
it out pronto!

10) Start thinking of an excuse to tell the wife why you needed to contaminate her turkey baster.... but don't expect her
to understand ;o). Then hide the turkey baster in your extra tools bin.... it will someday come in handy again ). I don't
think putting it back in the kitchen drawer would be a good idea anyway... I know I wouldn't want to ingest any of that

That's it.

I'm interested to see if anyone here has any experiences with this stuff and how it works and what you do with it. The DSM guys seem to rave about it and I do have some carbon build up on my pistons (had the head off but didn't know how to clean it off safely at the time). Thanks for any help!

02-02-2003, 04:49 PM
I have used this stuff...and yes it works good, I used it clean off the tops of my pistons when I changed my was cool cause my friend worked at he brought me home a couple cans for free, I tried using this stuff called was some high concentrated stuff made by pennzoil or somethin...I used it on my #1 piston...I let it soak in for like 1/2 hour...then I used sandpaper...and a scraper to clean off the carbon...the stuff did not soften up the carbon very well it took a long time for me to get the piston clean....then I tried the mopar stuff and it softened it up waaaayyy better.

02-02-2003, 07:15 PM
I used on on my Supra. Stuff works great!!


02-03-2003, 06:25 AM
I used it on my talon, worked good but took me forever and a day to get all the mccc out of the cylinder so the car would start. But i didnt have a turkey baster (thats a good idea..) but honestly i dont think i noticed anything, but i still would do it again, for preventive maintenance.

02-03-2003, 08:21 AM
Not that it's a performance car but I used that stuff when I rebuilt the head on my 89 cavalier to get all the carbon off the valves and pistons Great stuff! I had my engine apart at the time so it was much easier to remove