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  1. My first entry!!

    Hello everybody!

    Ive been searching for a Nissan Skyline for a year or so through different importers and Craigslist ads. I came across a 92 GT-S and when I was ready to pull the trigger to go look at her I said - "I dont know anything about the vehicle! What should I even look for when I go"? It really put into prospective what I need to do - BUY A TOYOTA!
    Three months had passed because I was sent TDY back home. There I focused on friends and work. It was a great ...
  2. Welded diff or lsd?

    So im still wondering whether or not I want to weld my diff but would a lsd be better? just wondering because its my first car :bigthumb:
  3. 1994 supra targa top - bolts stripped

    My targa top was squeaking and i was removing the top , two rear bolts - hex head came loose, middle front is retracted in....but the left and right bolts are stripped inside. The hex bolts from inside just spin when loosing and tightening. Heads on all bolts are perfectly fine...

    Can someone please help .

  4. 1989 Toyota Supra MKIII for sale (HELP!)

    Hey guys!
    I have a white MKIII that I received several years ago from my grandmother, who purchased it in California in 1989. While it is an insanely fun car, it's no longer a practical vehicle for my driving needs. With that said, I was hoping to get some information on how to sell a car like this or if there are any collectors that would be interested. Here's a little information about the car...

    Model: Toyota Supra MKIII w/ sport roof
    Year: 1989
    Color: White ...
  5. Turboing my NA Supra

    I have recently brought a 1996 NA Auto Supra as a long term project, but i want to turbo it as soon as possible so that my project has some legs to start on.
    I have been looking at turbo kits on Ebay and for the price i was wondering what your opinions are on this kit that i have found?
    Turbo kit: -> [url][/url]

    Want to know if i should get this and ...
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