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  1. GT42 7175 900hp Stock block Alpha tuned

    Quote Originally Posted by rx7boost View Post
    Congrats! How do you like the clutch?
    Thanks. I like the clutch alot. Feels like butter.
  2. Need advice on choosing rims! Please HELP!

    Hey guys. So I have a 1995 Toyota Supra NA. MARK IV.

    I was thinking about getting some rims for the car. I need a little help on choosing a size and offset. Here's what I have, any thoughts?

    Volk TE37's.
    -18x9.5 (both front and back)
    -35mm offset (both front and back)
    -275x35 rear tires??
    -245x40 front tires??

    I want the car to look aggressive, but I don't want to roll or extend the fenders. I also don't want to be rubbing ...
  3. Restarting problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Queenqt View Post
    Hello all,
    Has anyone had this problem? I own a 87 supra, it will start take me anywhere moon and back, but shutting it off I take a 50/50 chance it will start again. When attempting to restart I hear a slight click it will not start until the next day. However it will restart by push starting every time what can be the problem. I replaced the fuel pump relay that cure part of the problem of it not stay running. HELP
  4. Revised AEM V2 Auto tranny info??

    Quote Originally Posted by 2muchturbo View Post
    Here is the info I am talking about.

    New Hardware Update Available for 30-6100 EMS

    on: October 08, 2012, 09:51:01 AM



    There is a new hardware update available for the 30-6100 Plug & Play EMS and AEM would like to ensure that all Supra TT AUTO TRANS users have their units updated. This update is NOT required for units that
  5. help finding this part

    just got me my first in-line 6. its a 1987 Toyota supra NA and am trying to look for a Combination Switch and no junk yards that i know of don't have one in stock. my question is whats a place or web site i can go to to get parts like that and more. thanks
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