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Thread: Idling issues

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    UPDATES: so I finally pulled the trigger and bought a used ECU, which arrived yesterday. installed it and the car stopped doing the weird things it did before!!! so it's def. the ECU which is faulty! still there are some strange things going on.

    installed the ECU yesterday and noticed that the car won't start right away (takes a bit longer IMO to finally start), but I'm just fine with that for now. on cold start the car idles up as normal, but gets stuck at around 1050rpm or so! took the car for a quick drive and
    nothing happened to the idle (car drove like a champ!!nothing noticeable wrong).....and now what's strange is.....if I switch on my headlights the idle rpm will increase to 1200rpm and stay there, even if I switch them off it'll stay around 1150rpm or so!?!?!
    the next thing is if I push the brake pedal all the way down and keep on pushing for a while and then release it quickly the idle will rise to 1200rpm or so or let's just say a few 100rpm higher then this a normal condition?
    it's hard to tell if this used ECU is in good working condition, but IMO there could be also a vacuum leak somewhere (hopefully).
    I'm still betting that the leak is between the lower intake runners and the head (hopefully)...the next step will be to remove the intake and have a look at it.
    also want to check the compression on each cylinder while I'm at it.
    has anyone ever heard that a faulty injector o-ring could cause a vacuum leak? because the 2 O-rings I can clearly see are sort of done (IMO)?

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    As I mentioned earlier, the ECU should of been dealt with first. Instead you did a series of adjustments and new components that now requires you to adjust the idle screw, tps, and advance/retarding timing.

    The good part is, now you can resolve adjusting your idle without wasting your time on other things. All the high idle problems will be resolved when you can get the car to idle properly.

    Good luck adjusting, theTSM is a good start, but you will end up adjusting alot more than the TSM suggests.

    The post I wrote wasn't to be condensending, but rather stop you from doing hours of unnecessary work and fustration
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