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Thread: Post your suspension setups

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    Reverend Hillclimb SlackJawOutlaw's Avatar
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    Jul 2012

    Post your suspension setups

    I am curious as to what types of racing everyone does and what all you guys have modified?
    I already bought all adjustable arms available and I am looking through FK bearings right now to find future replacement costs.
    What are you running and how has it helped the dynamic of the car?
    -Aftermarket arms? Brand, etc.
    -Sway bar setups?
    -Type of racing?
    1994 Renaissance Red Original TT 6-Speed - Hillclimb Monster - Under the scalpel
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    SupraForums Member
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    Apr 2014
    wellsboro, pa
    Tein super street coilovers, upgraded top hats. (came with car but plan on changing eventually)
    battle version rear adjustable traction bars
    tanabe front and rear sway bars
    energy suspension sway bar bushings
    battle version adjustable sway bar end links
    whiteline steering bushings
    PHR solid engine mounts, new oem trans mount
    OCD billet torque brace
    PHR soild all 4 diff mounts, battle version solid subframe mounts.
    Most every rear bushing upgraded to super pro.

    Street car shenanigans, roll racing.
    94 Black TT 6spd car. (GODZIRA)
    Motec M1 DBW/ Built high comp. 3.0L. Built head. big turbo. Nitrous. Suspension mods

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    SupraForums Member vovka's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    currently my suspension is same as SlackJawOutlaw signature 4 jack stands couldn't help my self
    never took it to the track but i plan to take it to SIR and Ridge motorsports hopefully this summer.
    JIC FLT 2 coilovers
    Solid steering rack bushings
    and plan on upgrading all bushings eventually
    1993 RED Targa 6speed
    Parts for sale

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    Reverend Hillclimb SlackJawOutlaw's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Thanks for the contributions fellas, youre going to have to hit harder than the jackstand joke (;
    Lets keep em coming.

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    Not Enough Grip Joshua's Avatar
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    Feb 2001
    Jacksonville Florida
    Suspension and Chassis:
    Moton motorsports 3-way adjustable dampners
    Hypercoil springs 1300lb front 950lb rear
    TMS adjustable front sway bar (no rear bar)
    TMS adjustable end links with spherical bearings
    F & R Upper Custom Titan Motorsports Control Arms with spherical bearings
    Rear Custom Titan Motorsports Toe Link Arm with spherical bearings
    All other suspension control arms have spherical bearings or delrin bushings
    Front and rear Cusco shock tower braces
    Titan Motorsports solid rear subframe mounts
    Titan Motorsports solid differential ear mounts
    Titan Motorsports solid differential mounts
    Titan Motorsports solid rear subframe mounts
    Riggins Engineering 8-pt roll cage

    Front: -3.3 camber, +8 caster, 0.0 toe
    Rear: -3.0 camber, 2mm toe-in each side (4mm total)

    CCW Cosair C14 (black) 18X10 front 18X11 rear
    CCW Cosair C14 (grey) 18X10 front 18X12 rear
    Hoosier R6 285/30/18 front 315/30/18 rear or Continental Racing Slicks 280/645/18 F 305/650/18
    ARP wheel studs
    Joshua Barnes
    95 6spd, GT35RDB, Aeromotions R2 Dynamic Wing and Custom Splitter, Motons, StopTech Trophy, Tilton Triple Carbon Clutch, GSC S1 Cams & Beehive Springs, TRD Diff, AEM, lots of custom stuff, etc.

    88 944S2 SP3 (2014 944Cup South SuperCup Champion)

    00 Boxster | 10 LS460 | 11 FX 50S | 12 Prius | 14 RAM 3500 Cummins CC LB Dully

    PCA National Instructor | Chief Driving Instructor Florida Crown PCA

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    SF Contributing Member bitshftr's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Raleigh, NC
    Gixxer_drew Suspension (I should probably go stiffer on the springs, but I am tire-limited right now):
    • Toyota Supra Bilstein Shock Set
    • Bilstein Coilover Sleeve Kit 2" sleeves
    • Hypercoil Springs - Front: 8" x 2.5"ID 500lb/in rate
    • Hypercoil Springs - Rear 10" x 2.5"ID 250lb/in rate
    • Genesis Technologies GC1160 helper spring guides (front)
    • Hyperco CS100 helper springs 4" x 2.5"ID (front)
    • Bump stops - Energy Suspension bump stops (Mustang application)

    Front: -2.0 camber, 3.6 caster, 0.0 toe
    Rear: -1.6 camber, 0.06 toe-in each side (0.12 total)

    Arms & bars

    Type of racing
    Road course (HPDE). Is there any other kind?

    • TRD motor mounts
    • TRD transmission mount
    • TRD front strut bar
    • Cusco rear strut bar
    • SP harness bar with GForce 6-point harness
    • R2 Control arm bushings
    • SuperPro steering rack bushings

    SSR Professor SP1 wheels, 18x8.5+37 front, 18x10+39 rear
    Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, 255/35ZR18 front, 285/35ZR18 rear
    ARP wheel studs (rear)
    Racelogic traction control
    Last edited by bitshftr; 02-14-2017 at 06:16 PM.
    WTB (02/16/2015): OEM glass break sensor/mic.

    1995 Supra NA, Baltic Blue, targa, TRD LSD, Recaro Sport seats, Cusco carbon fiber front/rear strut tower bars, 97+ front turns
    Passport hardwired, w/ amped remote speakers in seat harness slots
    Hidden/hardwired garage door opener w/ custom Supra dash button

    1995 Supra TT, BPU+, Baltic Blue, targa, TRD front/Cusco rear strut tower bars, 98 headlights w/ 6k HIDs, 97+ front turns, BNR turbos, Tial BOV, HKS Super Drager exhaust, SSR Professor SP1 wheels, Racelogic TC, VPC/GCC
    Passport hardwired
    Hidden/hardwired garage door opener w/ custom Supra dash button
    Subtle white LED dash backlights

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    SupraForums Member
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    Jan 2012
    Pretty basic street and HPDE setup

    HKS Hipermax IV coilovers (full stiff on track, still had some rub on hard corners so would like to go stiffer)
    Stock sways and bushings
    Carbing front strut bar
    Do luck mid cross bar
    Volk G25 18x9.5 +45 square
    MPSS 255/275
    Lance alignment but a bit more camber
    Racelogic TC

    Next thing I'd like to do is go poly for all of the bushings and upgrade the driver's seat to something that's not so slidey.
    95 | Alpine Silver | TT | 6sp | GReddy | HKS | Volk | Carbing | Do-Luck | Endless | Racelogic
    13 | Firestorm | FR-S

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    Game Over Boost Wang's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Portland OR

    How is your steering effort with 8 degrees of caster up front? Is that caster maxed out for your upper control arms?

    1993.5 White turbo hardtop. 1 of 26

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    SupraForums Member tracksupra's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Pitt Meadows BC
    Suspension and Chassis for Road Racing CACC and SCCA

    Penske 8300 Double adjustable
    Hypercoil 1000 lbs front, 850 lbs rear springs
    Titan front sway bar
    no rear bar
    Custom upper and lower front Arms with spherical bearings
    Custom rear upper Arm with spherical bearings
    Custom rear lower control arm with spherical bearings
    Stock rear sub frame mounts, I keep meaning to go solid but other things get done.
    Custom toe links with bearings
    8 point cage
    Hard top roof welded in

    Alignment is the same as Joshua, it works very well.

    This year I'm trying Forgestar F14 11 inch fronts, F14 12 inch rears
    Tires are Hoosier A7 315 fronts 335 rears
    Last edited by tracksupra; 03-19-2017 at 08:58 PM.

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    SupraForums Member
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    Oct 2015
    Subscribing to this thread to remind me to post my setup eventually. In short, everything except the front lower control arms has been modified in some way. Makes custom alignments a breeze if you have the patience! I'll post up specifics when I have more time.
    87 Supra 1jz, monster in the making
    99 Miata DD, 46 Chevy Fleetmaster garage ornament

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    SupraForums Member
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    Feb 2001
    SE PA
    I only do track days, so no real racing. I am also not willing to compromise comfort during thousands of street driving miles each year just for a few track days. Having said that, I'm very happy with how the car handles for anything I do with it. I recall doing track days on stock suspension many years ago, and then for a few more years on my Tein HA's, but to me the KW's are far superior to both in every way.

    coilovers: KW v3 (with original springs, not the heavier upgrades that are discussed relative to KW's)
    alignment: I'll have to update with some numbers since I don't have them handy, but it's a modified Lance alignment with slightly more aggressive camber.
    I'm on stock suspension arms and swaybars and have no plans to change.
    Nick 95 6sp
    Twin Garrett GT2860's w/TiAL exhaust housings, WG's and BOV's, on V-band moded HKS twin manifolds, AEM v2, AEM WB, ID1000's,
    AEM meth/water spray kit, GSC S1 cams, ported head Ferrea valvetrain, +0.020" CP pistons w/crown & skirt coatings, Carrillo H-beams,
    OS Giken triple clutch & Super Lock LSD, Racelogic TC, TRD gen2 catback
    street wheels: Veilside EvoV 9-1/2"F X 10-1/2"R with 265/35F & 285/35R NT05's
    track wheels: CCW LM5 10"F X 11-1/2"R with 285/30F & 315/30R R888's
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