Tons of parts, bnib single turbo kit, AEM ems, body parts etc. ... . . . .

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Thread: Tons of parts, bnib single turbo kit, AEM ems, body parts etc. ... . . . .

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    Tons of parts, bnib single turbo kit, AEM ems, body parts etc. ... . . . .

    -What is your First & Last name?: Joe PZ
    -What is your email?: speedy6777 (at) gmail (dot) com
    -What is your phone number? 503-806-5769
    -What is your City? : Happy Valley OR

    All prices do not include paypal fees or shipping.

    Im selling because I just picked up a HKS GT2835 Twin Kit
    Single Turbo Kit for GTE:
    BNIB Twin Scroll PT6265, anti surge S cover, 4" intake, .84 A/R, V Band (mocked up but never even fired up)
    Down Pipe
    XSPower Manifold
    HKS 40mm Wastegate
    4" Intake Pipe
    K&N Filter (4" inlet, 6" long overall)
    Buy whole kit together for $1800 SOLD
    (turbo pics)

    AEM V1 1100-0652 $600

    AEM Wideband Eugo Controller 30-2301 $100

    MSD Digital DIS-4 PN6215 $350

    Greddy Boost Cut Controller (3S-GT sw20) $50

    Greddy Boost Limiter Cut Controller SW20 $50

    Center Console (broken tab on hinge. Still functions) $120

    Main guage rings (off of 95 no broken tabs) $70 sold fastturbo

    I believe TT Auto Driveshaft 2 piece (look at pic)

    NA Valve Covers $60

    Box O' Random (make offers if you see anything you want)

    Also have left and right fenders ($200 each)

    Other Parts not pictured:
    Stock exhaust x2 (one has 150k miles the other is off of Jojos car 10k Miles)
    Blitz front bumper
    Blitz rear bumper and quarter splats
    and Im sure there are tons more parts.... I only dug out 1/2 the garage

    Please feel free to contact with any questions or for different pics, OBO on all listings
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