Injector Upgrade and Tuning

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Thread: Injector Upgrade and Tuning

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    Injector Upgrade and Tuning

    I have a ProEfi 128 with a Precision 6266 in a 94 Supra that still has 100% stock fuel. I've had my ProEfi tuned by Larry at SP up to the limit of the stock fuel, roughly 475 HP. I'm getting ready to install FIC 1000CC's and was wondering if I were to just go into the ECU and change my injector sizing to match, will the car run OK? I don't plan on making more power past the point where Larry tuned it until I get the fuel pumps installed which I understand I may need some additional tuning to get the higher HP numbers. If I stick with the same boost/power level can I expect the same level of performance after the injector swap or does it need another spin on the dyno to run correctly?
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    1994 Supra TT
    BL Built auto w/ Induction Performance 4000 stall convertor
    CP .020 pistons, Eagle rods, Brian Crower valve train
    Precison 6266, ProEfi, Lots of other stuff

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    I would just finish the fuel pump and injectors swap, then retune..
    Getting out Boosted by Turbobozzer... for now...

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