Clutch and flywheel for Road Racing

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Thread: Clutch and flywheel for Road Racing

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    Clutch and flywheel for Road Racing

    Hey fellow Supra Road Racers,
    I am in the market to update my clutch in my car. I am still running the TRD twin w/ Aluminum Flywheel. Been a great clutch and still holds but, its 15 years old and I am getting ready to replace...

    Wanted to get some feed back from those that have run a Steel or Aluminum flywheel. End hear your experience(s) and which is preferred for Road Racing Use...

    I was always told Aluminum...


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    I'm 5 seasons of road racing on a OS Giken twin disk, aluminum flywheel, still running strong with 600 rwhp and not with the carbon disc.

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    My previous HKS triple disc had a lightweight aluminum flywheel and I got to really like the quick rev'ing and easy rev matching. It worked great for many miles (70,000+). Now I have the OS Giken triple R3C which has a heavier steel flywheel so I notice it doesn't rev up quite as quickly but is easier to drive smoothly. Aluminum LWFW will give less dampening of the V160 gear rattle so they're noisier. I don't hardcore race like tracksupra, just HPDE's and street, but I love the R3C and would do it again. I'm just over 600whp/590wtq at normal daily boost. Comparing the HKS and R3C, I'd choose the R3C again but it's not really because of the flywheel difference but the other clutch characteristics.
    Nick 95 6sp
    Twin Garrett GT2860's w/TiAL exhaust housings, WG's and BOV's, on V-band moded HKS twin manifolds, AEM v2, AEM WB, ID1000's,
    AEM meth/water spray kit, GSC S1 cams, ported head Ferrea valvetrain, +0.020" CP pistons w/crown & skirt coatings, Carrillo H-beams,
    OS Giken triple clutch & Super Lock LSD, Racelogic TC, TRD gen2 catback
    street wheels: Veilside EvoV 9-1/2"F X 10-1/2"R with 265/35F & 285/35R NT05's
    track wheels: CCW LM5 10"F X 11-1/2"R with 285/30F & 315/30R R888's
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    Chicago, IL
    runnig south bend clutch.... OEM flywheel. I like it.
    Alias: Ekow M.
    Vehicle: Supra TT 6-Speed
    Setup: Track/Street
    - KW V3 Coilovers w/ Modified 900# Fronts
    - Cusco Strut Tower Braces
    - Titan F&R Swaybars
    - SS Brake Lines
    - Carbotech Race Pads
    - Power: Torque Monster Manifold + QSV + 6266 Turbo + 4" MP/DP + HKS SuperDragger + ProEFI E85 FlexFuel
    - Contact Patch: OEM TT 9.5"s in HyperSilver Powdercoat + 15mm Rear Spacer on with ARP Studs (Kuhmo XS F:255/40/17 R:275/40/17)
    Tracks: Mid-Ohio SportsCarCourse, Putnam Park, Gingerman

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