Do i need to change the oil pump for this oil cooler ?

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Thread: Do i need to change the oil pump for this oil cooler ?

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    Do i need to change the oil pump for this oil cooler ?

    Hello everyone hope you having a great time!
    I bought a KoyoRad oil cooler that i filled with 350ml of water , do i need to change my oil pump after such change ? (2jzEngine)
    Picture of the cooler

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    No, just add a little more oil to the system since oil volume is now increased.
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    Well, since it's now full of 350ml of water, there won't be any added oil volume.

    Seriously though, it's not any bigger than what most of us run, so like Nick said, the stock oil pump will be fine. Just don't mount it any higher than the oil filter.
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