I've got a brand new 15 farad, ALUMAPRO capacitor for sale

never used, still in box.

The C.A.P.

The C.A.P. is a revolutionary power capacitor engineered specifically for automotive audio systems. It differs from conventional "stiffening caps" in many important ways, including capacity, size and cost. The C.A.P. employs military technology, originally developed for high-reliability power sources, to yield instantaneous energy reserves for amplifiers and accessories. Three models are available: a 5 Farad / 650 Joule unit, a 15 Farad / 2000 Joule unit and a 50 Farad / 8000 Joule version with high-voltage capability.

Turnkey System (relays and connectors included) ? Heavy-duty, Gold-Plated Terminals ? Convertible Mounting Options (surface or "stealth") ? Anodized Aluminum Construction ? Two-year Limited Warranty ? Optional Voltage Displays Available

Nominal Voltage All standard up to 15-volt All standard up to 15-volt up to 18-volts
Capacitance 5 Farads 15 Farads 50 Farads
Stored Energy 650 Joules 2000 Joules (2 kJ) minimum 8000 Joules (8 kJ) minimum
Connections 24K gold-plated brass
Up to 4 AWG cable 24K gold-plated brass
(1) 1/0 AWG cable, (2) 4 AWG cable 24K gold-plated brass
(4) 1/0 AWG cable
Mounting Dimensions 8L x 4.75W x 1.30H 8.75L x 8.75W x 1.66H 13L x 9.8W x 3.5H
Weight 3.8 pounds 8 pounds 16 pounds

$400 + shipping

email : dmatob1@hotmail.com