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Thread: How to make a Supra Fast

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    How to make a Supra Fast

    Hey folk, i rode in TT 300ZX the other day that should make around 450 rwhp. it was fun, im either going to s/c the SS, s/c a Z06 or get a Turbo Supra. just doin some research: what would it take to make about 600-800 rwhp (throwand how much would it cost? i know that is a big question, but all i can do is read SCC articles and see how much power they make, and have no idea about the cost. btw i would be looking for a 6spd with a sport roof. thanks alot guys.

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    2,601 - enjoy.

    (Also, since FYRAMRMS hasn't responded yet - Search the forums)
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    He said it. Use the SEARCH. Shitloads of info in here.
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