Electronics: Brand new EMS Stinger Standalone ecu

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Thread: Electronics: Brand new EMS Stinger Standalone ecu

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    Electronics: Brand new EMS Stinger Standalone ecu

    I have for sale a brand new ems stinger Standalone.. This computer is in brand new condition
    and has never been used. I only tested it with a laptop to verify everything was good.

    Whats included:
    Ems Stinger 4424 V. 4 Ecu
    Brand new uncut harness
    Serial Cable to connect to your laptop
    Bosch Relay
    Usb to serial cable

    Calibration files for 1jz, 2jz, sr20det, vg30det, rb series motor, v8, this ecu can run almost any motor.

    Everything will be priced at $800.00 obo

    email: gaehring@hotmail.com phone: 786-286-1738 (MAX)

    Key Features

    4 User Definable outputs can programmed as PWM or digital. These can be used for controlling thermo fans, Idle controls, variable cams, fuel pumps, Boost Control, Variable water spray, etc.

    Connects to most sensors. This means that you can use your existing sensors with the Stinger.

    Adjustable RPM and load points. The Stinger 4 offers 40 RPM points with a 1 RPM resolution and 21 load points with a 0.1 percent resolution. This provides a tuning grid of 840 points. Of course you don't have to use this many. You can define any number of RPM and Load positions you require to tune with. This provides non compromised tuning ability. The advanced micro code will perform a 3 dimensional interpolation between all load points.

    Advanced trigger circuitry. Automatically filters trigger inputs for noise ensuring that the trigger signal is always 100% accurate. This combined with the advanced auto signal tracking and true zero crossing detection with magnetic sensors always provides accurate timing at all engine speeds.

    Advanced Micro Code EMS have put great effort in programming their micro code to ensure it stays in exact synchronization with the engine. This minimizes the risk of misfired and lean strokes therefore increasing engine life and providing more power. The system also performs a 3 dimensional interpolation between load points to ensure that your engine is getting what you tuned it to receive

    Manual in pdf format:


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    ill vouch for you Max.......good deal
    Click here to enlarge

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    Does a harness have to be made to connect it to mk3 supra with a 1JZ? I'm running the stock 1JZ ecu right now.

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    Still have this?

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    is this sold?

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