alberta -> BC import process

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Thread: alberta -> BC import process

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    alberta -> BC import process

    Can anyone tell me a couple specifics about importing a car from alberta?

    I presume I can transfer the title and pay for a couple days temp insurance in alberta. Do I pay GST in alberta to do this? What are the other fees?

    When I get back to BC I get a vehicle inspection (fee?) register it at ICBC (fee?) and pay more tax. Do I pay the full HST or just the balance?

    Anything else I need to consider? The car should be in good shape, its an 04, so I'm not too concerned about passing the safety inspection.


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    Depends if it's a private sale or from a dealer. Private sales have no GST taxes nor HST. Just the taxes to inspect and insure. But if it's from a dealer than you will be paying all taxes as you stated. But i doubt you will get a couple days insurance in Alberta. You will have to talk to your own insurance company in BC to get temporary insurance during transportation of the car.

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    Temp insurance - best to phone ICBC or and insurance broker to see if they will cover you in AB. Otherwise you may just be able to get insurance from someone in AB when you get the car.

    You will pay 12% on the purchase price of the vehicle regardless of whether it's a private sale or purchased from a dealer. If you purchase from a dealer, you will pay they 5% GST at the time of the sale and then 7% BC PST when you register the vehicle with ICBC. If you purchase from a private seller you will pay 12% BC PST when you register the vehicle with ICBC. Yes, it's actually PST because the Federal Government doesn't collect any of the taxes on a private sale. Even though they say it's just HST now it's actually still just GST and PST.

    Vehicle inspection - $200+tax

    Register at ICBC - taxes as stated above, and there might be a $30 vehicle licensing fee, but I think that's the same for any vehicle where the insurance has previously expired.

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    $100 Vehicle inspection @ H&A Service in Langley
    1.5j toyota truck, 2wd, th400 10.4 @132mph, 600rwhp tuned by forcefed

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    Thanks guys. I did this yesterday. 2004 BMW 545i with 6spd m/t

    How it worked for anyone else's reference: I went to the bank with the seller and got a draft, then to the registries office to fill out a bill of sale and sign over the pink slip. Fax autoplan agent pink slip, they will fill out details for a binder of insurance ($28 for 10 days) and fAx it to the registries office. You'll need to sign that and fax their copy back. Meanwhile the Registries agent issues a transit permit for $24.45. All set to go!

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