2jz engine block id

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Thread: 2jz engine block id

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    2jz engine block id

    I'm shopping for a 2jzgte engine block an need to know if anyone on her knows what the various digits below the "2JZ" block identifier mean.
    I need a USDM block and not a JDM block and according to the state of california they can tell the that difference as well as build date based on that number. They MAY also be able to distinguish between N/A and turbo basedon those numbers.

    According to the toyota dealer, there are no vin numbers in the block id. If u look up the vin of a toyota car, however it will give you the block number. The downside if you cannot trace the car from the block.

    The following is what I do know:
    1. The 2jz n/a block lacks the turbo oil supply ports and oil squirters on the pistions
    2. The 2jz n/a head lacks the turbo cams, water neck location, cam sensors, port spacing, and port sizes of the turbo and has a 5m,6m,7m style distributor location.
    3.The jdm head lacks the egr cooler, 2 ports at rear of the head for egr, egr cooler mounting holes, egr ports at intake and exhaust sides of head, egr port and cams of the usdm motor.
    4.The items above are easily observable, how can the date, n/a vs turbo, us vs jdm block origin be identified or distinguished from another via the block id number.
    5.This info AFAIK is not provided to the dealers.
    6.The new blocks purchased from the dealer lack numbers at all, so that is a non starter.
    7.So far, all block numbers are of 7 digits.
    8.So far, all block start with a 0 or 1.

    Can anyone shed light on this?

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    Some Lexus 2JZ's are stamped with the Vin# on the side of the block, I had one on my previous SC300.
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    When I put 7M in the search it only came up with blown head gasket threads.
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    where on the block? and are you sure it was the vin?

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