final gear ratio mpg affect

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Thread: final gear ratio mpg affect

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    final gear ratio mpg affect

    How much do final gear affect mpg? Say from 3.13 to 3.73? Cruising of course
    97 sc400 rsp (soon to be 6spd gte)

    93.5 supra turbo 6spd single turbo (SOLD 3/18/07)

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    I don't think the odo and speedo would even read correctly to measure the difference. They are going to read very high, unless you can find the correct gear for the trans.

    Gas mileage is always a little worse with shorter gears. You may find yourself "skipping" gears to avoid shifting so often on your way to 6th, a gear you will spend a lot more time in than you used to.

    94TT Auto, 6466
    9.95@133.80 27 psi 4/16/16
    Previous setup: HKS Twin 2835's
    9.57@142.42 32 psi, 10/29/06

    Previous car: 90 Talon AWD, 5 spd, FP Red (60-1)
    10.56@132.36 built motor, 28 psi, Sept 2000

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