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Thread: Deal of the day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MkivOldStock View Post
    At first I read $12,500 and I thought that was too much considering its N/A auto... but $125,000 HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

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    1994 Toyota Supra Turbo - 1000+whp 6sp (current)
    Original TT 6sp | Original paint | All VIN
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    1993.5 Toyota Supra Turbo - 600+whp built auto (sold)

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    125000...does that include 120000 cash in the glovebox. Fuck that guy...fuck him...fuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boosted_68 View Post
    I just read that craigslist ad....I know everyone needs to make a living but to lie like that when purchasing that vehicle from someone is a scumbag move bigtime.
    Yeah, the amount of shysters is increasing in the Supra world it seems. Liars are scumbags. The guys original ad was flagged, I am sure by the dealer. the guy has it posted up again. He sold it for $36,000. "Update on this listing. The guy relisted it as a no reserve auction, highest bidder gets it. It was obvious he was bidding it up himself and wasted a lot of peoples time. He now has it relisted again. Just speaks volumes to this guys ethics.
    I just want potential buyers to know. I sold my supra to the current seller on Ebay. He represented himself as a collector and someone that appreciated the car. He beat me down on the price and said that was all he could afford. He stated it was his dream car and me being in a bad place with funds I sold the car to him. Yes my choice in selling at that price. I thought it was going to a good home and someone that would enjoy it. Then I hear from a friend that it was on ebay for a greater price. Turns out the guy is just another low life looking to make a buck. There was also a scratch on the driver side rear and crack paint on the front bumper. I included my pictures but the seller now either has painted the parts or is not disclosing them. I also sold the car with full exhaust and intake and provided the factory equipment. Looks as if they are trying to represent it as a unmodified vehicle. I hope that the car sells to someone that will appreciate the vehicle. Just know there is a lot of negotiation room in the vehicle."
    1997 Supra NA 5spd 75k miles original
    2013 ATS 2.0T Performance
    2007 Escalade
    2003 Aurora 4.0 81k miles
    1989 Chevy 3500 454 (In family since new)

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