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2020 Toyota Supra

MKV Supra
Chassis code A90
2020 Toyota Supra

After two decades the Supra has returned. Built from a partnership with BMW and sharing a platform (and engine) with the BMW Z4, it's also the pet project of Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda and the first vehicle from Toyota's Gazoo Racing division.

A very different car from its predecessor, Toyota put the emphasis on handing rather than outright power. With a 50:50 weight distribution, it makes 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque which makes it to the rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

Other highlights include 255/35R19 front and 275/35R19 front rear tires with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, Brembo brakes, an adaptive variable suspension and a sport mode that controls throttle response, steering weight, transmission shift speed, a more aggressive setting on the active rear differential. And of course a louder exhaust note.

Horsepower: 335 hp
Torque: 365 lb-ft
0-60: 4.1 seconds
Price: $49,990


1993 - 1998 Toyota Supra

MKIV Supra
A80 Supra
1993 - 1998 Toyota Supra

The most idolized car from the golden era of Japanese sports cars, the MKIV Supra epitomized the pinnacle of Japanese performance with amazing power and speed, but also engineering that was next-level.

As a result, it became the ultimate tuner car, taking the battle to exotics that cost "more than you can afford, pal!"

Introduced in 1993 and sold in the US until 1998 (and until 2002 in other markets), it was available with either a turbo or non-turbo version of Toyota's indestructible 3.0-liter inline-six engine. US models were available with a twin-turbo (2JZ) version making 320-hp.


1986.5 - 1992 Toyota Supra

A70 Supra
1986.5 - 1992 Toyota Supra

A quintessentially '80s car the third generation Supra came with an available targa top and was the first Supra to boast a turbocharged engine with 230-hp and 240 lb-ft of torque.

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1982 - 1986 Toyota Supra

MKII Supra
A60 Supra
1982 - 1986 Toyota Supra

Carrying on the Celica Supra name into a second generation model, Toyota started to differentiate the high-performance Supra version further.

Supra versions notably got pop-up headlights and certain versions (P-type) came with fender flares. Other notable changes were the 6-cylinder engine on all Celica Supra models as well as a digital dash and limited slip differential on certain trims.


1978 Toyota Supra

MKI Supra
A40 Supra
1978 Toyota Supra

It all started here, with a version of the Celica known as the Celica XX.