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  1. California Tuner Shops
  2. Radar check !
  3. Bay Area 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Day BBQ @ San Jose, CA
  4. Can someone post the list for high octane gas staions
  5. where to get Toluene?
  6. Supra TT Auto Transmission For Sale
  7. Going to LA on Vaction
  8. Recommended traffic lawyer in the Madera to Fresno area?
  9. Best Crash EVAR!!!!!
  10. So Cal 10.6's at Fontana last night
  11. Fresno Area: Can someone check out a car for me?
  12. selling the supra
  13. Need hotel info near Fontana, CA for JGTC All Star
  15. Pirelli P-Zero for sale
  16. Crashed my supra need advice
  17. Nov 29-Dec 5, 2004 Justin Nenni will be here for tuning (AEM, Motec, etc)
  18. Taxing California Drivers
  19. Another Person Killed Racing
  20. White MKIV w/FMIC on 210 Freeway today?
  21. WTB: 2jz n/a motor with 5speed tranny, ecu, wiring harness
  22. White MKIII on Sunrise BLVD
  23. loads up under boost
  24. So who is in the LA area??
  25. where the met up at?
  26. Im looking for 2 front black leather seats!
  27. FS: 1985 AW11 Toyota Mr2 $850 Clean Title Socal!!
  28. Where the hell is Jack B???
  29. Does Anyone know yodax109
  30. for LA drivers
  31. GT Live Club?
  32. FLAMINGS Video
  33. Pomona NHRA opening race
  34. can someone check a car out for me?
  35. MKIV auto tranny
  36. Any SD folks interested in a RSX-T?
  37. SP Engineering Dyno/Garage sale DAY MARCH 12th!
  38. Anyone coming from SF to LA?
  39. SC300 4 sale asap
  40. If i buy a car out of state, can i register in CA?
  41. FS: 2 tix Linkin Park / No Doubt / Blink 182 / Ozzy / Sec 226 great seats
  42. FS: 2 tix Garth Brooks / Randy Travis /Toby Keith / Alabamba/ Sec 101 amazing seats!
  43. WTB Stock air box and quiet Exhaust for 93+tt
  44. Weapon*R Free BBQ and Car Show
  45. Eradicate California's FRONT PLATE Law
  46. Might be picking up MKIV down at LA this week..
  47. My Supra Forsale
  48. Photoshoot in Bay Area
  49. Buying a MKIV in NY, any suggestions?
  50. 1993 180SX (right hand drive) for sale!!
  51. Help! Will my car pass Cali emmisions?
  52. Hot Import Nights San Mateo 2005
  53. Another Emissions Question...
  54. can we fold the front plate in cali???
  55. NGK 6097 spark plugs
  56. great daily driver for sale: 944
  57. I get shafter again!! MKIV TT 6spd
  58. Tires and Shocks and Springs FS!
  59. Help Put A Track In The Bay Area!!!
  60. Shops in Socal?
  61. real important question
  62. WTB CCW Classics for MKIV
  63. Hi to Chase from Toronto Supra Club
  64. Sales Tax for cars bought out of state?
  65. FS:Like New HRE wheels in San Diego
  66. Hot Import Night coverage?
  67. Masumi Max & My Dawg @ Hot Import Nigh
  68. Branigan Mc Elhinney/headlight guy
  69. Anyone's Supra hit Smog "Test Only" this year?
  70. WTD: Low Mileage 2jzge in So Cal
  71. SP dyno pictures 3/12/05
  72. one nocal guy to all of the socal guys
  73. Any big import drag race events in cali this year?
  74. Opinions on Godspeed Racing
  75. Where to buy methanol in Long Beach/OC
  76. NA to TT swap IS legal.
  77. PLEASE HELP -anyone know Eurotech Collision in San Carlos
  78. Is saying my 97 MKIV cost me $5000 too extreme?
  79. David Martel please contact me
  80. Mk3 Spotted
  81. AEM EMS help needed
  82. mbc, stock twins, and more
  83. WTB: MKIV spoiler any color
  84. 17x8.5/17x10 OZ Comps w/tires $749obo SD,CA
  85. locating my radiator
  86. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Meet - Post if you're down!
  87. Need Rear Bumper...Anyone have stock
  88. 562 area body shops
  89. Supra Owners Registry
  90. Where can I find supra partsin the Bay Area?
  91. Isn't this somebody's on here??
  92. Reputable Site to order from?
  93. Lexus SC300 for sale
  94. Clifford Alarms in SD
  95. Any big import drag races?
  96. Question: What is the average going price for engine swaps?
  97. C6 bust into flame
  98. anyone know DAVID SWEARINGEN?
  99. mkivsoopra, Racetune, and me on TV
  100. need to pas CALIFORNIA smog.. any trick and tips?
  101. Dyno Day in OC: Sunday, June 5th
  102. Ok, who bought the Baltic Blue T78 supra for 19k?
  103. Competent alignment shop in San Diego?
  104. ATTN: Samson
  105. Something to do in Cali
  106. Anyone going to efi-u?
  107. Need a Traffic Lawyer from Sac
  108. Any Salvage Yards in the Bay Area?
  109. Any CPA's on the forums?
  110. Has anyone used autoloan to buy a car but put less in DMV?
  111. Whos car is this (Ebay)
  112. Can someone please run a VIN for me
  113. Got $20,000 in cash looking for TT 6spd
  114. Any junkyards in the 562 / 714 / 909 area?
  115. FOR SALE~ Twin Turbo 2JZ-GTE IS300
  116. Summer Meet At Dromo ! @orange
  117. Anyone in Socal/LA looking for a room mate?
  118. Exhaust and Passing Smog in CA
  119. Moving to LA in July/August
  120. Retarded CA Vehicle Code sections
  121. looking for Mani J video, breakin foo's cell phone
  122. Who has supras here in Sacramento area, or near by..
  123. Can the silver stock TT wheels be polished?
  124. Anyone from UCLA?
  125. Old School Supra Owners Meet (June 24th)
  126. I got pulled over tonight for nothing...
  127. Nice Apartment in SoCal....
  128. Anyone still in L.A. for Memorial Day Weekend?
  129. Mr2 Turbo JDM GENII
  130. Carson Toyota ?
  131. Need to get a hold of JedigS aka Irwin Sanchez
  132. Spotted Central Cali on 5 fwy.
  133. CHP cracking down on 5 frwy from San Diego to Oregon
  134. will 2jz gte pass in a mk3 turbo supra?in cali.
  135. Is HKS Intercooler Hard Piping Legal for Use in California?
  136. Moving back to California, Finally!
  137. ANTHRACITE sighted at OCC today
  138. Ne1 want to come to KS for a 1j swap?
  139. Might be a long shot but...
  140. Need help: Ticket for modified Emissions ( VC 27156)
  141. Interested in inspecting a supra?
  142. Out of State plates and inspection for emissions?
  143. so cops pulled me over for going 20mph over but didnt give me a ticket...????
  144. Sunday 1pm - Reception to Commemorate Mike Urbano's 40th Day
  145. Dcotors note for Window Tint...
  146. F/s Volk Gt-c's With S-03's
  148. Whos white supra?
  149. passing smog with cat-back
  150. Help please locating shops
  151. AutoRnDís 1st annual Garage sale & BBQ
  152. Takumi Project have another meet
  153. GReddy PRofec B-spec 2 Please Help
  154. pickup truck rental bay area
  155. i need a tester igniter in SF
  156. Anyone's friend work for Cingular or Nextel?
  157. where can i rent a cheap 5spd?
  158. Police check points for smog?
  159. SoCAL DYNO MEET AUG 21ST!!!
  160. Supranick's Birthday Celebration - This Saturday - July 30th - 8pm!
  161. get fined for watching LAW...
  162. Volk GTPs with brand new tires
  163. Engine Building Shop
  164. apexi AVC-R screen face...................
  165. a little help here
  166. "driving while asian"
  167. Flaming Bullshit !
  168. 11-99 Plates
  169. people of cali
  170. In California for 8 weeks
  171. Ca Downpiped Supras
  172. Muffler shop in san jose???
  173. Import Days
  174. 3 mk4 supra sightings!
  175. can u pass emissions with fmic?
  176. No more modified cars in Cali
  177. The Rights of Automotive Hobbyists - NO MORE UNLAWFUL VEHICLE INSPECTIONS -petition-
  178. WTB MKIV 6spd in Socal
  179. Car fails emissions test in TTC, then passes in sequential, wtf lol.
  180. Well, at least we won't be the only one's suffering in Cali...
  181. Need help around 94804
  182. Silicone coupler.... where?
  183. Buying car out of state, tax info
  184. Road Racing/Open Track at Button Willow Sunday OCT. 9th
  185. Question to all who have Single turbo
  186. It's 90 percent official, I'm moving back to L.A.
  187. Stock Usdm Turbos F/s
  188. Katrina Relief Fund, Van Nuys Ca
  189. Temporary Amendment Possibly Lowering Air Quality Regulations and Gas Prices
  190. Need some serious input/help
  191. Johnny Lawman doesn't approve of me being BPU... tips/suggestions? (long)
  192. Justin Nenni Tuning in SoCal.
  193. Stock Supra TT wheels will fit on other cars?
  194. CMI Racing @ Sac Raceway
  195. San Jose
  196. SoCal Motorsport Sunday-BMW and Exotic Car meet and Cruise
  197. SoCal~ CAR CRUISE~10/22/05
  198. Lower Price" Racing Hart M5 With tires
  199. whos goin to knotts scary farm
  200. cant pass smog at all
  201. SoCal dyno day
  202. FOR SALE: HRE 545 19 inch wheels and tires - (santa clara)
  203. gillete razor supra commercial
  204. San Jose people?
  205. listen to this...scared the crap out of me.
  206. Socali Rx7stock!
  207. Does anyone else feel rushed for SILV?
  208. Anyone have any hook ups on rooms in Vegas for this weekend?
  209. Who's MKIV is this? - Potentially buying
  210. 1999 Nissan Skyline 4 Sale
  211. 94 Supra Turbo 6 Spd. T-60 Over 500rwhp Black/tan
  212. How nerdy are you?
  213. Rims Were Stolen!
  214. 19" rims and tires with stock springs?
  215. SILV05 pictures and videos
  216. How do you know when a scammer...
  217. How do you know when a scammer...
  218. Scammers selling supras
  219. Polishing engine pieces??
  220. Does any body here know Cancerptnt / Sean Pak?
  221. Exotic car meet pictures
  222. how many 98 twin turbo is there in ca???
  223. Who has a serious Supra and is up for some fun with bikes?
  224. Smog question?????????
  225. Justin Nenni Tuning in SoCal.
  226. my 2000 ls for sale
  227. Will BPU pass visual??
  228. good traffic lawyer...?
  229. Dyno Day in OC: November 20th w/ Justin Nenni
  230. Professional Driving School
  231. Will the DMV VIN# Verifer give me trouble?
  232. Help Needed!!! Who Tunes AEM EMS in SoCal?
  233. Blacktrax Vs. Racetune
  234. their's a warrant for my arrest.
  235. Any Supras MKIV wanna run tonight.. 18NOV05???
  236. exhaust ticket and something in the mail?
  237. looking for a ride along in a TT supra
  238. Went to court
  239. bayarea engine importers??
  240. where to buy engine?
  241. Just Moved To Long Beach...
  242. Jtuned meet
  243. Cheap EBC on craigslist
  244. Anything going on this weekend around Stanton?
  245. How many supras are there in Califonia?
  246. Supra Spotting , Pacific Beach; Mission Beach
  247. JTuned First Annual Meet & Greet!!
  248. *sigh* wtf... cops gave me a ticket... how much will it cost???
  249. Failed smog check for 1st time
  250. Possibly moving to much of a problem...