Honestly I think you'd love a 6875. It comes up a tad quicker (than a 7275, not a 6766,) and matches really well with the 3.4L. The 7275 is an outstanding turbo as well, with roughly 100whp of headroom over the 6875. The 75 turbine is already "doing what it can" at 1,050-1,100whp, but realistically it can be run harder than that. However if you've been living with 6766 power for a few years, the 6875 would still feel like a brand new car. The 7275 is the better option though if you want an "easy" 1,000+whp unit. The 6875 is an "easy" 950+whp unit. You can run it hard and it'll break 1,000, but if you just want to enjoy the next size up with a more proper turbine for your engine, the 6875 is it in my opinion.