RHD JZA80 - A/T to 6 speed manual BMW E60 GS6-53DZ HGD Conversion

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Thread: RHD JZA80 - A/T to 6 speed manual BMW E60 GS6-53DZ HGD Conversion

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    Supra JZA80 RHD - A/T to 6 speed manual BMW E60 GS6-53DZ HGD Conversion

    I've just converted my N/A 1994 A/T Supra to 6 speed manual from BMW E60 and wanted to share info with you. Everything done by me, except for driveshaft. Total cost - around $2200. Parts bought from local shops, Toyota, amayama.com

    Sorry for my English. I don't know all of the exact part names. Correct me if I'm wrong or if something is not clear.

    Parts list:
    Gearbox: GS6-53DZ HGD (M57N) from BMW E60 525d 177HP 2004. Gearbox also mounted in E60 530D, Serie 3, X1 and other. Good side - cheap. Bad side - no spare parts
    Differential: Lexus SC430 02-05 (auto)---- 3.266:1, open, small diff, big flange. There is 35mm screw to remove cross connector. You need to swap it from Supra diff. The rest is p&p
    Clutch master cylinder (RHD?): 31410-24050
    Clutch master cylinder cover (RHD?) : 31464-24020
    Master cylinder - slave cylinder cable/wire?: 140cm, custom - can be made by any mechanic basically, same as brake line
    Clutch slave cylinder: BMW E36 (BMW 21521159045, BMW 21521161530) - smaller piston than E60, works better with Supra OEM master cylinder
    Gearbox adapter, flywell: PMC Motosport
    Clutch: Sachs 000 951 952, OEM Used in BMW E60 holds up to 650nm according to PMC
    Gear knob and holder: OEM BMW E60
    Gearbox mount: Supra OEM with slight change, welded custom mount for gearbox, gearbox suspension mounting - two 50x40 m10x27
    Driveshaft connectors: front OEM BMW, rear OEM Supra
    Driveshaft: custom welded from both BMW and Toyota shafts. Company which did it told me it is not the best way to connect them, but I did it anyway. We will see how much it will last
    RHD Dash plastic for manual: 58804-14040
    RHD Clutch Pedal: parts list below
    RHD Brake pedal: 47101-14210
    Gearbox oil: Motul 75W90 2.5l
    Differential oil: Motul 75W90 2l
    Speed sensor: Dakota SGI-5E and signal from ABS Sensor. If you have custom ECU like EMU it should do the trick - no need for Dakota SGI

    CLUTCH PEDAL PARTS (Part no | qty):
    0 |55107-14120 | 1,00
    0 |31301-14120 | 1,00
    1 |31321-14020 | 2,00| - 1 pad is for brake pedal - they are the same
    2 |90386-05017 | 1,00|
    3 |90541-06036 | 2,00|
    4 |90386-08033 | 1,00|
    5 |90206-08001 | 1,00|
    6 |90240-08006 | 1,00|
    7 |90468-16142 | 1,00|
    8 |94110-51000 | 1,00|
    9 |94512-01000 | 1,00|
    10 |90387-10003 | 1,00|
    11 |90101-10015 | 1,00|
    12 |96160-00600 | 1,00|
    13 |90386-13015 | 3,00|
    14 |31353-14010 | 1,00|
    15 |90949-03049 | 1,00|
    16 |90949-03047 | 1,00|
    17 |90101-10369 | 1,00|
    18 |91665-60620 | 1,00|

    First parts delivered:
    Gearbox, BMW shaft, diff, PMC kit

    Clutch, brake pedals, dash plastic:

    There are 2 ways I have found to mount gear shift:
    1. Modify stock A/T mount (friend of mine did it)

    2. Modify stock BMW mount (cut it and weld)

    Gearbox mount. I've cut stock mount like on the pictures, hopefully it will hold Black part welded from 8mm plate, dampers are custom made - they are used for various devices so they are cheap and eaisly accessible. There are a lot of manufacturers of these - rubber 50mm high, 40mm wide, screws 10mm wide , 27mm high

    Driveshaft: I have cut BMW and Supra shafts, assembled everything on a car then welded them toghther with exchaust pipe (60.5mm inside diameter) then took it to the company which welded it properly with new 3mm pipe. Connecting it on a car like that was only to have correct length

    Reverse gear sensor: stock BMW, cables to connect it are in main A/T loom

    Neutral gear cables(?).You need to connect these, otherwise car will not start

    Speed sensor:

    I know that not everything is done the best way possible, but I have not enough time and money for now This thread is just to help you with your projects, maybe someone will find any of these information useful.

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    Good work!!! thanks for sharing!!!

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    Very interesting.
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