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    Ebay .......

    I just want to share a little story from ebay.

    I'm doing a ground up rebuild of my mk3 Supra and it contains replacing all fuel lines and filters. I've gone for stainless steel lines and Fuelab filter. So I bought the billet brackets from JEGS on ebay. They were listed as in stock and that was why I bought them since I'm in a little hurry to get the car on the road (it has been off the road for more than a year).

    So I waited and waited. And after three weeks of waiting I finally got the.... tracking number ....

    But eventually the box arrived two days ago. I was at work but my wife signed for it. It was unopened.

    I opened it and found the Flange kit for the Fuelab Prodigy pump I also ordered and ONE bracket and not the TWO brackets I paid for.

    After some cursing I wrote to JEGS. No reply. Then I clicked on the specific "I didn't receive my item" in the ebay menu. And I was told that JEGS would be informed.

    Now today I received a message from ebay:

    They basically want me to report an item from an unopened box that my wife received and signed for stolen to the Police??????

    And by the way we are talking about a shipping box that is actually too small to have ever contained two brackets (they each come in a small box) along with the flange kit. So you would not even be able to fit two boxes containing brackets into the box.

    Has anyone tried this before?

    I have sunk +20K into this rebuild so far so I'm not letting a $60 item post pone anything. So I have of course ordered a new bracket to be shipped ASAP (JEGS had it stock.......).

    Hello Kristian,

    Good day!

    My name is Hazel from eBay Customer Support Team and I received your case about the Fuel Filter Plate Mount Bracket (-) you bought from the seller “jegsperformance”. I understand that you wanted assistance since you did not receive the complete items you ordered. Allow me to help you with your case.

    Upon checking the details of the transaction, I found out that the item was delivered to your address on March 7th yet you only received one instead of two quantities.

    During this situations, when a buyer has not received the complete items purchased yet it was delivered successfully to the specified address of the buyer, we may consider it as stolen. I want to assure you that there is nothing to worry about. You are fully covered under by eBay Money Back Guarantee.

    For us to review the case further we need some documents and information on this case. We need your help to resolve this case. Please file an incident report with your local law enforcement agency (police department) because we consider this as stolen. Filing an incident report is generally free of charge and is easy to do.

    Here are the details that must be included in the report:

    -- Description of the item you did not receive

    -- Name of the officer filing the report

    -- Officer's badge number

    -- Station location (city and state)

    -- Station phone number

    If your local police or law enforcement agency is unable to provide the report you requested, please send us the information listed above and we’ll contact them to verify that you attempted to file a report.

    We've placed this case on hold for 10 calendar days until March 19, 2019 to allow you to get an incident report. Once you have the report, you can scan it and upload it via this link:


    I’d also like to apologize that you have to take another 10 days to resolve your concern. But please understand this action we have taken is an initial resolution for your concern. We place cases on hold to provide each member ample time to give us the information and evidence required to come to a fair decision on each case. The police incident report will then allow us to confirm that the item got stolen, which will in turn allow us to proceed with your full refund.

    In the comments section, please add " "; this will allow us to track and link your documents with this concern. Once you have selected your documents, you will want to select the General document type. Select send and wait for the confirmation to appear to ensure your documents have been submitted for review.

    Please make sure that your documents meet the following requirements:

    They must be in the *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, or PDF file formats.

    For security reasons, they must not be aggregated (compressed) or executable files.

    The total size of the documents cannot be greater than 20 megabytes (MB).

    Each file cannot be larger than 2 MB.

    Kristian, to summarize it, I have place the case is on hold until March 19th however, if the report will provided on an earlier date, we can release the hold and give a decision.

    I'm confident that the action I have taken will resolve the concern in the soonest time possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you choosing eBay as your business partner.


    Hazel A.

    eBay Customer Support

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    So now I have the explicit honor to deal with Suraj:

    So it is very important to have the Police document to support the false claim of theft (thank you ebay - I will take note of that).

    And he also mentions that there could be people at my house who could have stolen the item out of the unopened box. I'd better have a talk with the wife then.

    Actually, come to think of it - she always mentions things about me spending too much on the car and when ever we have a fight the car comes up.

    I think she might have a grudge against me and the car. Oh wait - SHE DID IT !!!

    I will call the police right away....

    Funny thing is that he mentions that the seller might have something to say. Because it is actually ebay who has escalated this to theft. When I filed my complaint yesterday I was informed that JEGS had three days to reply and yet they escalate to theft after a few hours... Makes no sense.

    Hello Kristian,

    Thank you for writing us back. My name is Suraj from eBay Customer Support and let me take the honor to assist you today.

    I know that you are not happy with this transaction it didn’t go smoothly as expected. I can completely understand your disspaintmnet wherein we asked you to share the incident report with us by contacting your local law enforcement office. Please allow me to assist you further with the details.

    Please understand that the reason why we need a Police Incident Report is for us to atleast have a document to support this claim before we can close the case in your favor and process a full refund. There can be theft or goods stolen issue at your place by someone or a carrier fault. I understand that this is very inconvenience but I promise you that once we have the needed document we will take an appropriate action in this case and the seller.

    Kristian, as you mentioned that seller have forgot to send the seconds item in the package then you can communicate with them and confirm the same with us so that we can take action accordingly. Please share details with us within hold timelines so that we can resolve the case in your favor with a full refund.

    Thank you for choosing eBay.


    Suraj N.
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    Now Joel C thinks that filing a report of a made up crime is ok and it is needed for ebay to be sure that the item didn't arrive.

    So they ask me to commit perjury.

    Funny how they after 4 emails don't understand anything.

    Hello Kristian,

    Have a pleasant day ahead..

    My name is Joel from eBay customer support and I am glad to assist you today with your order xxx (Fuelab 45102 Fuel Filter Plate ...).

    Kristian, I appreciate your efforts in trying to get this resolved. Kristian, I want you to understand that here on eBay if a package didn't arrived even if tracking says so, we consider this as a result of theft, a shipping issue, stolen off porch or an shipping oversight. Filling the report will help us documents that there's been a problem with your purchase and filling an incident report is generally free of charge and is easy to do.

    If your local police or law enforcement agency is unable to provide the report you requested, please send us the information listed above and we’ll contact them to verify that you attempted to file a report.

    We thank you for your co-operation and wish you a good day ahead, Kristian!

    Kind Regards,

    Joel C

    eBay Customer Support

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    Cliff notes please
    1997 Toyota Supra TT 6 spd BPU (FMIC/TTC) 18' Volk GT-N ~ 195k miles strong

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    Quote Originally Posted by hgonzalez View Post
    Cliff notes please
    Guy buys shit from Jegs via Ebay instead of just through Jegs - that's the real mistake here.

    Orders 2 of one part and only one of them gets shipped. Fuckery ensues and they want to treat it like a stolen/tampered package thing when Jegs just didn't put the second item in the box.

    Since it wasn't stolen or tampered with, and they want police reports saying so, technically they're asking him to lie on a police report to actually ship what he ordered and paid for in the first place.

    Everyone, please don't order shit through Jegs or Summit or other big operations like that through Ebay or Amazon. Much easier to deal with their own shipping departments etc instead of letting Ebay or Amazon fuck things up further if problems occur.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KING View Post
    Who would have ever thought.....the impact an automobile can make.....

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    Jeg's customer service was not much help for me when I didn't receive my "delivered" items, a pair of 6-ton jack stands.

    When they hit me with the whole stolen/police report nonsense, I told them my home security system aims directly at the porch, and nothing was delivered to my address. Jeg's said they'd contact FedEx and call me back in 3 business days.

    Next business day, a pissed off FedEx driver came to my house saying he is 100% sure he delivered it to my home. When I explained the situation, he insinuated that I was a liar and to call FedEx directly to report the missing package (despite the fact that Jeg's had already reported it.)

    To my surprise, a resident from the next neighborhood over calls me and says she received my package. The driver had delivered it, but to the wrong home.

    Jeg's never called me back.
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