Hx35w or Gt3076 replica

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Thread: Hx35w or Gt3076 replica

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    Hx35w or Gt3076 replica

    Trying to decide which turbo to use for my 7mgte anyone have any input I’d like to know which is the best shooting for probably 450+ hp.

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    It’ll be a used Holset Hx35w vs a new Twisted Motion GT3076 V2

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    I’ve had an HX35 for years and love it for my 1JZ. Ran it without a BOV for a while, ran gas/oil/water through it for about 20 miles (long story), and it still works fine. Cheap and robust.

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    Don't use anything with the word 'replica' attached to it...

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    It doesn’t say replica but when you look it up it comes up with Garrett turbos first

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    But I get what you’re saying so probably hx35. I’m just nervous it’s not gonna put me in the hp range I want cause on the diesel motors it’s at like 32psi only pushing them to 300-350 horse is what I’ve read

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    Also twisted motion is made in America with the same specs seal and is balanced the same as Garrett’s. Makes me curious. But I still want the best out of the two

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egg_head81 View Post
    ..........on the diesel motors it’s at like 32psi only pushing them to 300-350 horse is what I’ve read
    What a diesel will put out on 32 psi has no relation to what a 7M will put out on the same pressure.
    Why ?
    Because 'horse power' is a number derived from torque & rpm.
    You would be lucky to find a diesel that turns half of what a gas engine will, so HP will be much less.
    32 psi on a 7M will be in the range of 750 hp +.

    You should be asking 'what turbo' to use to get to your goal, not searching the net for a turbo you think may work.

    I see a lot of people using the newer Borg Warner in really small sizes, and getting great hp numbers, with really low rpm spool up.

    And pardon me, but who the hell is "twisted motion".
    Sounds like another johny-come lately pawning off Chinese shit.
    All turbos are balanced. They have to be since they turn over 100,000 rpm.
    Name brand turbos are balanced better than no-name ones, that are clones of good turbos.
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    Thank you, I appreciate that knowledge. That definitely helps me decide.

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    An HX35 is plenty of turbo for your power goals at the moment. No need to worry about that. The engine flow will limit you before the turbo (stock, that is).

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    Twisted Motion basically takes a Chinese copy of various Garrett turbos and puts them on a VSR balancer. In my limited experience with them, one failed on its second pass ever at a drift event. It was replaced with a used Garrett GT28RS and it's still running in a drift car after a whole season with zero problems. The other one is hanging in there but is laggier and makes less power than its Garrett equivalent.

    I would strongly recommend the HX35. Just don't skimp on needed maintenance items while you're in there - almost every 7M-GTE I've seen has spent 30+ years being neglected at this point, and big turbos on neglected engines lead to bad times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KING View Post
    Who would have ever thought.....the impact an automobile can make.....

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    Thank you, yeah decide the hx35 is gonna be the way to go. And yeah I’ve done almost all things maintenance since I’ve started re/building my car.

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