So over the summer I refreshed the engine in my 94 TT. New valve stem seals, new gaskets and hoses all over etc. Also put in Kelford T202-C cams (268/272) and Supertech dual springs. Car is still basic BPU, and as mentioned in another thread, mileage has gone down a bit, say 200 miles to a tank down from 240 from before. That may be crappy winter gas though.

I just pulled a couple of plugs (1 and 2) here after about 500 miles on the refresh. Car has been sitting for about a week.


The tip and electrode seem fine, just what one would expect. But one of the rims seems a bit ... wet, while the other looks damp. An hour after the photo the wet rim was dry, so it seems to be a combination of gas and oil I think. I'll pull the rest of the plugs tomorrow to check them too.

Car doesn't smoke at all, either on startup or under acceleration. Pulls like a freight train, no misses or anything, just nice and smooth. I usually keep boost to around 15lbs, but even up around 19lbs it's clean.

Wondering if perhaps the injectors - all of 25 years old - are getting tired.