Wanted to share since this took me far more belt tries than I care to disclose to get the right one.

I am running a Meziere electric pump with the upgraded motor, so the serpentine pulley I have is not of any use on the upgraded housing. Tried to use the tensioner with several configurations, and nothing else seemed to work.

This Belt length for a 2JZ with only an alternator and an ATI crank damper pulley without a tensioner.

Rib # - 6 Ribs
Belt length 29.5" long

Part number I used (Continental multi V belt) 4060295 6PK0750

Belt seems to have good tension I will report back as I will be spinning this one to at least 9,000 rpm. Please don't mind the dust. The car has been down for a while

Supra belt length for alt only.jpg
Bay 1.jpg
Bay 2.jpg