So, i've been working on getting things together for swapping a 2j into my '88 mk3 turbo (manual). I'm about to send my R154 off the driftmotion for their "fully built" rebuild kit. I'm planning on going with their "super single" clutch kit, billet 6262 turbo kit, intercooler kit, 1000cc FIC injectors, and the 255lph walbro fuel pump kit. I'm going to be using an ECUmaster EMU black, with a harness from tweak'd performance.

Here are my questions:
1. I'm hoping to make 550-600 hp. Will this combo make that power, safely?
2. Will the fuel pump handle it?
3. Do I need to do the 12V fuel pump mod for this fuel pump kit?
4. Do I need to add a fuel pressure regulator?
5. Are there better options, as far as quality, and value go? I'm trying to go the budget-oriented route, but not cut any corners. I'll spend money where it's worth it.
6. Am I missing anything? I'm still new to the supra, and it's community, so PLEASE! If i'm missing anything, let me know.
7. I've heard mixed reviews about the DM turbo kits. If I need to build my own, what do I need? I've heard great things about precision turbos, so I'd probably go that route, but what else?

Thanks for the help, again, I'm fairly new to this, and can use all the help I can get.

P.S. I'm not forgetting brakes, they're going on once the car is running! Going the DIY mercades BBK route.