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Thread: Broken down? Mechanical help list across the US for Supras

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    STREET STOMPING JEDI Obiwan's Avatar
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    Jan 2000
    Ben Phillips

    PHR Tech and MVP parts Rep.

    Fully equipped shop etc. to handle anything in NM. Santa Fe area.

    (also it goes without saying that if you are in the Dallas /Ft. Worth area call us at PHR)

    (if you can read this and your in trouble then you probably have access to a computer, so E-mail me direct at [email protected])


    5000RWHP/4216RWTQ ! (half the dyno numbers people post CAN'T be backed up in public so may as well join the fantasy)
    TX2K5 Trophy Winner of BEST ENGINE BAY!!
    TX2k7 Trophy Winner Best Interior!!
    Some Past and Present:
    09' Lexus IS-"F" Starfire Pearl, fully loaded
    94' TT MKIV 6 spd *HARDTOP* white
    94' ST MKIV 6 spd *aka the JEDI *
    94' TT MKIV 6 spd *sold* Red
    94' ST MKIV 6 spd Black *sold*
    94' TT MKIV 6 speed *sold* Silver (X2)
    97' ST MKIV RSP TRD Widebody -*sold*- Then bought back :)
    97' TT MKIV Auto *sold* White
    97' ST MKIV 6 speed *sold* White
    Many more through the years...
    Direct E-mail: [email protected]

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    Yeeehaaa, Jester's dead! Supra Shaun's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    Shaun Keenan

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    I have basic mechanical knowledge and lots of tools, also there is a reputable import shop close by.

    612 669 4603

    1997 6 Spd
    AEM / 1600's / 272's / OS Giken Quad Disc / L19's / E85 / Billet 67
    844WHP 710TQ
    10.6 @ 136 on the old setup

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    SupraForums Member SUPRASTANGER507mgte's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2002
    Hayward, California
    What a kool idea. I have never seen a a Auto Forum offer this kind of help to fellow members. And everyone here seems to really know about cars than just be bench mechanics.

    All of you who are offering help, I may never see you at all, but thanks for know that someone out there in one city or another is willing to help.

    I am in San Mateo , California.
    Friends call me Moe for short.

    If you need any ride or help in this area, you can get in touch with me

    Phone# 650-544-6647.
    I am mostly at work or school but iam also well know to go out my way and help someone who is stranded.......Fiji STyle...

    I knew there was a reason I owned three Supras so far.!!!!!

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    SupraForums Member OVRBST's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2002
    S. NH
    1: Alex W. Cell-603-765-0667

    2: If emergency, call anytime, phone is always on.

    3: Anything MKIV related, but I've either modified or repaired just about every major brand of car on the road. I have just about every tool any normal person could ever want. If I dont have it, I can get to/use it (Dyno, lift, welder)

    4: Derry, New Hampshire is home, Southern NH, Northern MA is accessible. if you need help real bad, Any place off Rt.93, Rt.3, the eastern part of RT495 and in-between.
    Alex W.

    Granite State Dyno and Tune
    DynoJet 424Linx

    94 6speed VRP76, Greddy, HKS, AEM, TRD, CCW etc etc
    03 RR Evo SBR, HKS, EnduraTech, etc. Daily Grind
    72 DATSUN 240Z...RestoMod Project

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    Pays Cash, No Questions Moody's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2001
    Nashville, TN
    1) Chris Moody, 615.516.6902 / 615.482.3672
    2) Call almost anytime, but only if it's an emergency (late at night)
    3) MKIV's, and MKIII's, but the owner needs to know his/her car, because I can only do so much... air tools available, full tool set also... access to a lift (maybe)... open bay in garage...
    4) Franklin, TN (12 mi. south of Nashville)

    I'll try my hardest to be accomodating, but I cannot do things like diagnose error codes (or really odd things), rebuild things, etc... I can help you with: a clutch replacement, any maintenance, electronics, etc... I cannot: rebuild your tranny, rebuild your motor (this takes too long and I'll need $$ for that kind of time). I'd be happy to fix timing belt problems, oil pump, water pump, any driveline issues, tuning (AEM or other to get the car running better), or fuel system stuff.

    I'm here to help, so if you're in trouble, I can definitely help you get back on the road if at all possible... I have a really nice tow rig, that's "low Supra friendly", but I will charge you to pick your car up (for my time, not my effort).
    Last edited by Moody; 11-15-2006 at 09:22 PM.
    | 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo | Built Head/Block | Billet 6265 | Custom Targa Brace | - Sold
    | 1977 Toyota Celica GT Liftback | Aluminum Riveted Interior | BEAMS 3S-GE |

    | BoostLogic | BRIDE | TRD | COMP | Work | TRUST | HKS | RPS | ID | KW |

    Alpha Tuned - 610WHP ProEFI

    Do not have this joker tune or perform work on your car. Period.

    It's been a GREAT 15 years here on Supraforums.

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    Brad Mayo
    865-405-1565 cell
    704-262-7948 shop

    If you're Supra is having problems anywhere near Charlotte, NC I can make it run(to an extent, I dont do magic on bent rods or cracked pistons)

    If you're on the side of the road at 3am in Death Valley and cant get your car to run feel free to call, 1/4 of the supra community already does I'll probly have a good idea what your problem is and know the way to fix it with a paperclip, a booger, and some duct tape....

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    SupraForums Member suprafanatic's Avatar
    Join Date
    Oct 2001
    Waterloo, ON, Canada

    ...and in Canada.....

    Travelling North? I can help you out. Not far from Toronto, outside Kitchener/Waterloo just off the 401 exists the largest inventory of new and used stock MKIV parts in Canada, possibly in North America. I work on Supras, every day. MKII, MKIII, and primarily MKIV. And that's all - except when the tow rig breaks down.....

    Call anytime and I'll do my damned best to get you back on the road, inexpensively. Local Toyota dealers send Supras to us..... you're in good hands here. Need a place to crash for the night if it takes more than a day? No problem. I have a LOT Of new and used parts in stock for repair - many parts that the local dealer doesn't stock, or never has.

    shop 519-747-1985
    cell 519-590-6548

    Don't wait until you have a problem either. If you're in the area, just drop me a line and come on down. Always happy to meet another Supra owner!
    Last edited by suprafanatic; 03-06-2008 at 06:39 PM.
    E-mail me at adrenaline 'at' with your needs

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    I am an arms deala! BPUed's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2001
    Lincoln, Ne
    Jesse Bergman
    Home: (402) 421-9365
    Cell: (402) 770-4939

    Quite a bit of MKIV experience with my own car and a couple of others that I have had priveleged to work on.

    Lincoln Ne.

    Traveling I-80???? have problem is the eastern part of Nebraska, call and I'll see what I can do

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    Bad Karma Supra
    Join Date
    May 2001
    Philly area....
    Here's my contribution - two files (both the same), one Excel, one Word - they contain all the information in this thread as of 12/2/03. I figure, this way - you can download it - print it, etc and have an easy list to keep with you in the car. I mean, if you're broke down...odds are you can't access this website either!

    Save As:

    Cali locations of mechanics!

    Mid / North West:

    Mid West:

    More Mid West:


    North East:
    1994 Toyota Supra | 377" V8 | 106mm | 2288hp | 1.32 60' | 5.35 @ 141 1/8 16psi
    J & E Performance | Drag Radial

    1998 Quicksilver Supra | 6 speed | bone stock

    2014 Jaguar F-Type 11.44 @ 124.09 | 2015 Jaguar XJL | 2001 Navigator on 35's

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    Boost Addict
    Adrocktt's Avatar
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    Apr 2001
    Houston, TX
    Thank you Jay. Keep them coming, I think this is the first resource of its type? Good work all, nice to have a community behind you.

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    Republican Ckanderson's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    Chris Anderson
    pretty extensive info on mk3's and 1jz's
    Almost any tool you would ever need.
    Pleasanton, Ca
    925 818 6665
    You call, i should answer.
    Last edited by Ckanderson; 09-20-2004 at 12:03 AM.
    My HID GB has been shut down by SF staff due to a site sponsor confliction. Everyone who paid will be getting their kits without a question. Please PM me for more information.

    All kits ARE shipped.

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    No One Ever Listens To Me IdealSupra's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2002
    O-Town FTW
    i originally posted as idealmk3 on this thread when we had the hacker problems....

    however i realize i put the wrong number but now i cant edit it as idealsupra....

    so heres the CORRECT info...

    Jayson Margol
    call anytime you need help.or if youre in the area and want to be shown around
    813-391-4713 cell number
    im in the tampa bay area....ill go as far as orlando if need be. good hour away from me.

    i have a ton of tools at my disposal and can get something if needed as well.

    vast knowledge on the mk3 and a bit on the mkiv.... HTH.

    damn i had 123 posts on that name...if i had them transfered to my normal name id have over 2k!

    EDIT: philly single i just looked at that spreadsheet and you did a great can now replace idealmk3 with idealsupra and fix the number and the other areas so its correct also i dont see a pin on the tampa area on your maps good job man! keep it updated
    Last edited by IdealSupra; 12-15-2003 at 01:08 AM.

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    Glad to be back Patjza80's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2002
    Lexington, Ky
    Patrick Murray
    Lexington, Ky

    Cell 859-420-1224
    Work for Toyota

    I owned a performance shop for year and have took 2 years of Tech school. If I'm not at work 5pm - 2am, I'm there to help you out!!!!!
    1994 Blk/Blk Supra TT 6-Spd - Precision 6266 - 719whp/588wtq @ 31PSI - 1000cc/E85 - GSC S1 Cams - Haltech Elite - 19" CCW 505As

    Have CCWs or thinking about buying them? Please read my thread. Might save you some trouble.

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    VIVA LA M.A.S.H. Midwest mdcmotorsports's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2003
    Indianapolis Indiana
    My bad...
    I forgot the name...
    Ask for Jon when you call.
    Good list btw....

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    Bad Karma Supra
    Join Date
    May 2001
    Philly area....
    Sorry for the delay guys! Both doc's are updated:

    Mapquest apparently doesn't let me add points to a map anymore Sorry for the missing pins!

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    SupraForums Member
    Join Date
    Jul 2002
    Nick Weaver

    I am in the KNoxville TN area call anytime any hour if you need some help. I have any tool you would need and lifts welders hell even a dyno if your wanting to play on the weekend.
    Last edited by 1fastgst; 04-24-2008 at 05:45 PM.

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    Resident Cyborg ReD_SCaRe's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2003
    Embry-Riddle, FL
    J. Carter, Gainesville, Florida

    Home: 352.466.1168
    Cell: 502.418.0534

    South of Georgia, North of Orlando, I'm your man. Got a reasonably well stocked garage and a decent amount of mechanical ability. Even a spare bedroom.

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    THE KING OF BIG TWINS V12_SupraTT's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2002
    Abilene, TX & Pearland (Houston), TX
    Amit Bhakta
    Abilene, TX (on I-20)

    Home: 325-672-7849
    Cell: 325-518-9612
    Call anytime

    AIM: V12 SupraTT

    Moderate MKIV experience and tools available.

    Note: Will be moving to Pearland, TX (Houston area) in August 04'. But if car brakes down near Abilene, TX I have freinds that can come get you. They are very well mechanically knowledgeable. Work on all there cars themselfs, mainly VR4s and Civics. They have most tools available as well to help out.
    Last edited by V12_SupraTT; 03-02-2004 at 12:35 AM.

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    American Muscle
    Join Date
    Jan 2002
    Central Fl
    Orlando area.

    Larry @ Innovations Inc. 407-699-5550
    cell: 321-231-9568

    Available any time.
    Last edited by lrmneil; 09-24-2004 at 06:01 PM.

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    Former Moderator OC's Avatar
    Join Date
    Sep 2002
    Problems in the Montreal area? You can always call Chambly Toyota. They have modded a few Supras but have good experience with all Toyota models, obviously. They have the second best electrical technician in Canada, so he can be a good help! BTW, I don't work there (my dad does and I'm good friend with the owner), but I thought it could be useful.

    Chambly Toyota

    You can always call on my cell phone: 514-290-7484.
    home phone: 450-658-7484
    I'm not a good mechanic at all but I could help you in one way or another if you're in deep shit somewhere or put you in contact with good people within the city of Montreal.

    Your regular car freak...

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    SupraForums Member
    Join Date
    Apr 2002
    Kerrville, TX
    Jared Jones
    Kerrville, TX (Central - Hill Country) I-10 60 miles W of SA.
    WK 8am to 5pm 830 792 7332
    Cell 830 739 5325

    Major engine repair and maintenance MKIII. I have engine stands, cherry picker, torqe wrenches, basically just about everything needed to pull and replace an engine. We have an AutoZone, Oreilly's, Car Quest, Napa.
    02 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner - modded
    04 Suzuki GSXR 1000 - modded
    03 Suzuki RM-125

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    SupraForums Member 91T4's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2003
    Nial Basu
    Flushing New York
    Good set of tools, good with Toyotas overall
    Work during the week, get home after 7

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    The Don of SF!!!
    Join Date
    Jul 2003
    Houston, Tx
    Sumit Dalwadi
    Houston, Texas
    just about anytime, never know when ill be busy

    Some tools, basic roadside assistance stuff. Moderate knowledge.
    2004 Ford F250 - Harley Davidson Edition
    1995 Supra - Single 61 and then some
    1993.5 Supra NA --> TT BPU+++ --> Single 71, AEM, etc

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    SupraForums Member SupraRacing94's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Jersey City
    This is a great idea, I like it
    Could there be some special way to input
    everyone's info into a data base type setup
    where you would type in a location and
    a list of names and numbers would come up?
    just my 2 cents?

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    FYI the link to the "other thread" in the topic post does not work.

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