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  1. United thursdays car meet. Every last thursday of the month

    South Cali Supras
    I'm going to try to make it out this month. Can't wait to see you again Craig! -Alex
  2. Shift Sector- February 22nd @ Willow Springs raceway

    South Cali Supras
    I might make this one but it won't be in a Supra, I think we're testing our M3.
  3. United thursdays car meet. Every last thursday of the month

    South Cali Supras
    There was a nice turnout this Thursday. Always good to see new faces!!
  4. 95 supra NA-TT rear subframe bushing replacement

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    I've seen both installed and the owners of both were very happy. Ultimately it will depend on how you use the car. If you primarily daily it, I'd use the OE bushings. If you do spirited driving, the solid ones will give you better feel when added to a good drivetrain.
  5. Which makes more power? E-85 or pump+meth?

    Dyno Tuning
    E85 is the way to go, especially since you are upgrading your fuel system anyway. It burns cooler and has so much more octane than a pump+meth setup that your motor will love you for it. Happy motor = more horsepower.
  6. Your bike: best pics!

    Nothing But Bikes
    Any more pics of this bike? I have one and I love it so far!!
  7. Airstrip Attack - 1/2 Mile Side By Side Racing Event in Central CA

    North Cali Supras
    I too am curious to see results
  8. SIV (Supras In Vegas) 2012 - September 21-23, 2012

    National Events
    I know I'm a little late, but I'm heading up that way on Fri. I don't have lots of space but if someone needs something, lmk and I'll do what I can to help. Feel free to message me, I'm coming out of the Rancho Cucamonga area.
  9. New Member

    New Members Forum!
    Love the all black theme!!
  10. New Member

    New Members Forum!
    Been a member for a while but decided I would introduce myself. Just a guy interested in learning more about these cars. I currently drive a truck and a 4cyl econobox but I'm always on the lookout for a project and I really like suspension mods (Lower is better). Anyway, pics of my current...