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  • Hurrakaine ·
    is your inbox clear? Do you remember who you sold the Field Boxer sequential boost controller too? You purchased it from AGM.

    Darth Maul ·
    Clear your PM's!

    stock TT ecu with Single or APU twins low boost.

    Originally Posted by Darth Maul
    Ok so it doesnt matter if its a USDM-maf or JDM-map ecu ?
    You can still run a single turbo only as long as the boost is kept low, is this right?


    Yup, I have a 2jzgte Jdm in my sc300 with pt6265 single and a usdm 2jzgte in my supra with pt61. Supra is running purely off maf, Lexus has an safc2 only because it's running the us 550 injectors. Both run great!


    So your running stock TT ecu's for both cars.. what are your boost levels at?
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