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  1. FS: 2jzgte vvti ecu, igniter, harness

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    2jzgte vvti ecu -$180 2jzgte vvti igniter - $90 2jzgte vvti auto complete wiring harness (broken coil connectors+throttle motor plug. $120 Located in tampa,FL. All prices include shipping. Text/call 813-600-0901
  2. wtb: 2jzgte vvti maf + igniter

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    Also need a 2jzgte vvti maf sensor and ingniter. Text/call 8136000901
  3. wtb: 2jzgte vvti ecu

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a 2jzgte vvti ecu. Text or call 8136000901
  4. WTB: mk3 lsd diff. 7mgte full engine harness

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    looking for an mk3 lsd diff. and 7mgte full engine harness in good condition no cut wires. text 813-600-0901.
  5. 1jz mk3 wiring service needed.

    Florida Forum
    posting for a buddy. his harness is partly done so he is looking to get it done before Saturday, its just minor things to get done. its a soarer 1jz on a pre 89 mk3. text 813-600-0901
  6. 2jz AWD (Nissan Skyline)

    Builds & Projects
    subscribed. this is going to be sick. I still don't get why 2jz tho. I know everybody says the same thing but. if you have the cash to have an r34 you have the cash to build a proper rb26 to be equal or superior than a 2jz. unless you are just trying to be different
  7. Boost problems

    Naturally Aspirated
    so whats the problem?
  8. motorcycel exhaust

    New Members Forum!
    go back to china
  9. FS: mk3 r154 swap (sc300)

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    no vss. and shifter was extended on the lever not the housing. I just did this swap because my auto was slipping I just changed my mind on all this right after I did the swap and going a different route so I didn't have time to make things right
  10. FS: mk3 r154 swap (sc300)

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    im not sure on a price yet. but. ill put 1500 so people can offer me
  11. FS: mk3 r154 swap (sc300)

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    selling my r154 complete conversion off my sc300. I don't have a set price but I know what these go for so make reasonable offers. text or call 813-600-0901 everything was used for 1month before I decided to go a different route with the car. with no problems everything is in good shape mk3 r154...
  12. WTB: 2jzgte longblock.

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    still looking
  13. WTB: 2jzgte longblock.

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    im looking get rid of my 1jz and go 2j. so im looking for a 2jzgte motor, has to be a stock motor, with intake manifold (don't need injectors or fuel rail., must have all sensors (don't need harness or ecu). don't need oil pan assy, don't need anything on exhaust side as I already have a single...
  14. 2jz-ge motor and trans for sale CHEAP!!!!

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    saeeewhaa? ive been waiting for pictures and a vid of this for like a week. facepalm. moving on.
  15. WTB: complete 2jzge motor.

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    lol didn't see that. ull be getting a call in a few hours.