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  • bigredhead ·
    hey frank i also live in denver i would be more than happy to pay you several hundred dollars to come to m y house and help me wire up this 1jzvvti into my mk3 please call me my name is steve (720)296-4309
    180dreams ·
    Hello Frank! my names Ryan. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and resources! I'm about to buy a 1jz vvti. Any help with your coding would be much respected! Hope you still visit this site :)
    1jzmitch ·
    Hey man your wirring page was awsome! have done 3 1jz vvtis swaps all in s13 and have had NO problems. exepect for now.... i have put a 1jz vvti in a lexus is300. motor runs ok but rough and VERRY rich.10-11 on the wideban. wont really go into boost. Ive been going crazy trying to figure this out. no vacum leaks. what should i be testing test other tan. Coolant temps sensor,vaccum, tps, maf?

    P:s. couldnt get started at first Because 5 injecter were closed shut and wouldnt click until i cleanned them up and manualy clicked them. they all seemed fine after. tested with gas and air hose while clicking.

    thanks so much!
    151motorsports ·
    hey im going to modd my knuckles soon for my mkiv .. you have any advice ?? i was just gunna drill a new hole for tie rod and make supporting plates
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