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  1. Extra parts

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    ill have to look when i get home at that wing
  2. I know i'm not the only one who noticed that the MKIV looks alot like a

    General Supra Forum
    idc that LFA's a sexy beast id love to be able to afford one
  3. MV Automatics

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    ill also be looking into this. u think its the same "auto upgrade kit" that they sell on suprastore
  4. NA MKIV stuff

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    u mind shipping tails to an apo box. pm plz
  5. ebay ss header(for those who are curious)

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    at times i wish i could afford the eally high end stuff just so i can pop my hood and have the rest look at everything and go daaaamn u got that 4k header baaaaalllin! but i dont have it like that so i have to ball on a budget. to u guys that can afford it i wont say ur stupid for it i will say...
  6. Max RWHP a W58 tranny can handle safely?

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    impressive good job guys. this answered alot of questions ive had
  7. Spoiler Removal

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    home dePOT or lowes has em just gotta find the right size. christmas trees or pine cones is what i call em...ive stuck em in with a little silicone to prevent leakage. that way u can still take em out if u change ur mind
  8. Oem and after market parts

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    pm'd bout headlights
  9. Huge part out (ALL brand new)

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    too rich for my budget but bump for a sick ass supra
  10. FS: Turn Signals, Floor Mats, Sway Bar, Taillights

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    if he doesnt buy the tails, i def will
  11. MKIV painted headlights

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    damn that!
  12. MKIV painted headlights

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    can u email pics to [email protected]
  13. open diff rearend trd wing 2 10 jl sub for hardtop

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    might have a buyer for the wing kind sir. ill let you know tonite.
  14. 2jzge Hp Parts Ttc,fsm,dave H...

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    j/w what throttle do people usually use on these setups
  15. FS: Custom Front Facing Intake Manifold + Throttle body

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    so with this all the sensors from the na IM will fit