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  1. Dead Hookers 11 @ BMP

    Florida Forum
    I will be down next month or so and will post my dates if anyone is meeting up. And i will get some slicks for the thing and see if I can run some 9's!!!!
  2. Dead Hookers 11 @ BMP

    Florida Forum
    I live in NYC but have some good friends in the tampa area so I use their mechanics, etc and have been super happy with the results. I dont know if you guys noticed that blue mustang that ran an 8.50 @173 against the tt heffner viper in the final rounds of the shootout. Thats my friend Blair...
  3. Dead Hookers 11 @ BMP

    Florida Forum
    And Yes, Jay at Real Street did an awesome job getting the car to its present condition. The first built motor lasted only a few thousand miles and Jay had his hands full replacing the wiring harness, yanking 3 different alarm systems out of the car, miles and miles of patched wiring from years...
  4. Dead Hookers 11 @ BMP

    Florida Forum
    Hello all. First post in the forums. I own the wide body grey supra that Jay did. Just wanted to say hello and that I hope to run the car at the next event in florida whenever it is. I witnessed both black supras break and thats why I didnt run slicks!!! didnt have a trailer that day and I...