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  • Justin94tt ·
    In all accidents with only minor property damage it would be just exchange of information. As far as leaving the scene due to him being confrontational, their is possibilty that he remembered you tag number. You will only know that if his or your insurance contacts you. I suggest in any other cases such as this you call the Police so we can be the mediators. As far as getting the vehicle fixed you will have to call your insurance and explain what happened and see what they say.

    vreaux728645 ·
    I'm the owner of the Supra you spoke to while on duty (farragut Place NE DC-dented 1/4 panel?) ~ a year ago. I was wondering if you could impart some advice as a policeman. Today I was driving on 7th S NE heading towards Decatur (leaving Buchannan) when some one on an enduro turning left towards me ran the stop sign at Crittenden Street.(7th & Crittenden Street NE D.C. 20017) As you guessed there was contact, resulting in minor damage to my vehicle, while the enduro rider immediately berated me for not respecting that he was running the stop sign & began threatening me. We exchanged vulgar "pleasantries" & I drove off as I figured this idiot had neither tags or insurance & couldn't wouldn't be fiscally responsible. Do I really need to make a report? I'm not too sure I'd want this moron to have the address where my wife & kid live although most who threaten don't follow up. I'm concerned he may have gotten my tag number & may try to fleece my insurance co with some lie.
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