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  • eclipshrk ·
    hey sir,

    I was trying to access some pictures in my "garage" on but the site is closed. I was wondering if maybe you would be able to access those pictures for me as they are the only way I would be able to retrieve any of my pictures of my old supras, and or any of the other pics I posted. I lost everything (computer, pictures, ect.) due to a bad breakup and remember accessing those pics on your forums about two years ago. I should of downloaded them to my new computer then but didn't.

    Any help you would be able to provide would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
    deanb ·
    Hi Kirk,

    I have a Borg Warner S300-62 FMW and I was wondering if you made a compressor wheel for it? Would it be worth it seeing as though my wheel is billet already - Just wondering if its possible to get faster spool?

    Thanks, Dean
    Sixsin ·
    Hey Kirk,

    Its Patrick Cunha from Australia can you please confirm my payment of $1210.00 US has been received on your end?


    Biologist ·
    Hey Kirk wondering if you sell an oil drain kit for the Borg Warner 83-75 the S360 I have the .91 A/R twin scroll my drain is leaking oil and I know you know BW's like its the back of your hand. can you supply me the kit for it? I need it ASAP Pm Me please thanks!
    kilo119 ·
    hey I had read a post where it said you cryo treated a w58 and it held up to like 700whp. I,was wondering if it was true if,so how much it,run you,to,get it done and where can I get it done at
    fricx ·
    I know it's been a couple years since your post about fixing the hatch lift struts, but I wanted to thank you for your "mod". There wasn't anything wrong with mine, really, but after I went winged (OEM), they couldn't hold the new weight, so I almost got my head chopped off several times by the hatch... plus it was impossible to put the T-Top back there without having someone hold it up or using some kind of stick. Your fix took less than 5 minutes-- WOW-- bending it was simply brilliant. You just saved me $268 (quoted today)... THANKS SO MUCH!! The hatch stays up as long as I leave it now, and it's not even noticeable that they were even tampered with. You're AWESOME! Thanks so much.
    jodie1144 ·
    Hello i was reading through one of the threads regarding supra headlight covers and you mentioned that you were looking to mass produce headlight covers. are you still looking at doing that? i own a supra that i use for drifting and have sold the headlights from it and need to find some suitable replacements. my email is [email protected] if you could please let me know. thanks for your help
    whizky ·
    Kirk where can i find one of these i have a white car and the exhaust fumes is killing my paint, do you know the name of this piece above the exhaust. thx
    Verc1320 ·
    Hey Kirk,

    I was watching one of your Tampa Supra Dyno Meet vids and noticed that you have a cf exhaust shield for your rear bumper on the back of your supra. i was wondering where you got it from? or if you know of any companies that make them?


    Verc 1320
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