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  1. Toyota Supra Heritage Edition - SEMA Overview

    2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    like general people, or toyota supra enthusiasts ? because the latter is what you get here. we are the people that are disappointed bmw hijacked our car. in here, its not cool that supra's are being puked out of a german factory, complete with a Siamese head rear timing chain bmw abomination...
  2. Which piggyback/tuners in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    starting for 2 seconds is not a guarantee of anything my man. certainly not a yes/no on the cps or timing (imho) honestly the only way to know the timing is right is to 1. put crank on tdc and verify cam gears line up to timing notches 2. pull cps cover and inspect potion of pickup gear in...
  3. Unusual starting problem

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    if a intake hose ripped/cracked it would give your similar symptoms. the entire intake needs to be sealed bc the car has to draw all air through the air flow meter. a leak anywhere in the intake tract (all the plastic/rubber hoses) would cause the issues you are seeing. can you elaborate...
  4. Which piggyback/tuners in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    something is still not right. the background info is pointing to something electrical (considering you swapped in a diff wire harness). your car should absolutely start with 550's in there. i just dont see it flooding out with factory ecu +550s. something else is making it not start. a...
  5. Fuel system question

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    at least with a supra, the money you put into it makes it hold/appreciate in value. don't get me wrong, they prob are not worth what you put into them.... but each progressive mod / complete re-do of a system does increase the overall value of the car it does help having a hook to the car...
  6. Heritage Edition MKV Supra - Toyota Booth Sema

    2020+ A90 Toyota Supra News
    talk about ruining the label "heritage" seriously. toyota comes out with this heritage parts program for real toyota supra's. they get us all excited that new oem toyota parts are coming. .... then they use that same "heritage" label on the bmw supra and give us nothing toyota, just updated...
  7. Swapping Mk5 2JZ

    2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    you guys are doing a really bad job of pissing off and inserting nuggets of information.
  8. Swapping Mk5 2JZ

    2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    "how about your piss off and insert your own nugget of information" mk5 section, this is good stuff guys.
  9. Fuel system question

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    you can turn the fuel pump on with the diagnostic port 1)Turn the key all the way on 2) Jump B+ and Fp on the diagnostic terminal with a sort jumper wire / paper clip you should hear it fire up / fuel circulate through regulator.
  10. Swapping Mk5 2JZ

    2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    car swap. drive it til the warranty is up and sell, then purchase mk4. jk. swapping the driveline in the mk5 is a fantastic idea imho if your serious and want to do this, why aim for 900 ? I mean your pot committed so to speak. you spent a lot on the mk5. the swap is going to be intense...
  11. Oil pishing down engine Timing case

    MKIII Technical
    you are comparing apples to oranges my friend the coolant system and its "clotting agent" absolutely does work like a cut and will clog up some small holes but the oil system is a different animal. the oil does not boil off on a slow leak and precipitate behind some goo, it just finds the...
  12. Oil pishing down engine Timing case

    MKIII Technical
    haha welcome to owning a 30 year old car :) a bottle of whatever will not fix an actual oil leak (caused by mechanical failure- gasket / improper torque on a bolt / missing rtv) removing the cam covers and the timing gears so you can inspect further and fix is what I would do lower quality...
  13. 1987 3.0L Turbo What Clutch Kit is best?

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    lol im sure a $6100 clutch (for a jz/v160 6-speed...) is what he is looking for my advice is to use the search button my man. this is a subject that is popular and there are a lot of threads
  14. Toyota Heritage Program Survey

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    I see your point yotaMD.... but honestly I have had a supra registered and insured for the last 10 years. I owned one in the 90's as well. like I said earlier, they (toyota) have no problem finding me for govt. mandated recall notices. if they wanted my input it would not be hard to find me...
  15. Driving with bad turbo

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    my advise would be to pull the lower back seat. the way they designed the car its the hilton of mice hotels under there for sure (hidden cavity mice love).