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  • JCFsupra ·
    Okay I've been on the phone til now. I called GearVendors and was told that their best selling unit is the TH400 and that it would cost me $2650 shipped for just the add on unit consisting of slip yolk, electronics, complete installation kit adaptor & coupler with a 2 year unlimited warranty.

    I contacted Garrett Rowe of Latent Solutions who manufactured and designed the SupraStick v4.6 that's in my car now and was told that if I go with the TH400 mechanical trans that I wouldn't need any tranny controller what so ever.... and so by removing his unit i would regain my cruise control functions so I don't need to buy the Dacota Digital cruise control either.

    I found Monster Trans in FL and was quoted $2000 plus $50 residential shipping free to a shop for a 200-4r heavy duty performance trans plus hp upgrade to 950rwhp plus a 3200 stall TC and a 3 year unlimited warranty! I thought the young lady was joking but she said no thats the price...holy cow. I think I'll order one
    JCFsupra ·
    Saif, I don't think Gear Vendors sells unit that can be added to a TH400 trans but rather I'd have to buy the entire trans with Gear Vendors OverDrive from them. Then we'd just have to do the adapter, PTI converter & modify the DS. If this is true then that is sorta contrary to what Rob at ATI said to me about just installing a 12 volt on/off switch. Am I missing something?

    If that is the case then my Latent Solutions Garrett Rowe trans controller will be up for sale which would free up my cruise control buttons so that I wouldn't need to get the Dacota Digital electronic cruise control kit HND-2

    I already emailed Garrett out in Cali but it would be 1:30 am so I doubt that he would be getting back to me anytime soon.

    Thanks again, Jimbaba ;-)
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