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  • Supra_N2O ·
    Yo dude, it's been forever. It's Justin from the meet you had many many moons ago. Almost got the car done, again, we should get an eastern regional meet together this year or something. Let me know. Also, find me on Facebook, Justin Vetrini
    bullhockey13 ·
    Hey Brent,

    CJ said you recently bought an aem series 1 stand alone. Thinking about putting one on my car. A couple questions for you. Is it the 30-1130 and how much did you pay for a used one?


    SideWinderGX ·
    Brent, PM box is full. I wrote out a nice long message, I've got it saved haha...but long story short, do you have access to a laser or waterjet machine?
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