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  1. ARP head stud question

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    I did a head gasket on my 88 and installed ARP studs, the problem is I am pretty sure I snugged them down before I torqued down the head. I have heard now they should only be finger tight? I have not started it yet so would it be best to go in reverse torque order, loosen one at a time, back off...
  2. stripped head bolt?

    MKIII Technical
    Got it out. bought a set of bolt extractors that lock on to the outside of the bolt, should have looked first as there is NO room to fit that around the headbolt. found a standard size allen socket that was a little bigger that the metric and after hammering it in it came right out with a big...
  3. stripped head bolt?

    MKIII Technical
    I am working on my sons 91 supra, have the motor out and found spun rod bearing on cyl.6 but I found that who ever worked on it before stripped one of the allen head bolts. is there any way to get that out? Thanks. Brad.
  4. Probe Industries - Forged pistons for the 7M! - TRENT APPROVED

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Interested also, pm me price. Thanks
  5. CF MKIII Lip from Duane (Pre 89)

    NM Forsale/Wanted
    cf lip did Rick buy that lip? if not can you send me a pic to [email protected] ?Thanks.
  6. Its getting Warmer... Time for a Meet

    New Mexico Racers Forum
    Saturdays will work for me
  7. Slight Knock On Startup

    1JZ/2JZ Swap
    my 88 7mgte would do the same thing, knock 3 or 4 times on first start up then nothing else, I drove it for about 6 months like that and when I changed the oil I ran it through a strainer and found metal. upon teardown I found the number 6 rod bearing going.
  8. Q45 throttle body

    MKIII Technical
    Anyone installed a q45 throttle body on a supra? I see them all the time on e-bay and just got an entire intake manifold with throttle body from the wrecking yard for 10.00 and have extra 7mgte intake manifolds to mess with. Thanks for any help.
  9. 7m head vs 7mgte-any diff.??

    MKIII Technical
    I have a very clean complete head from a jdm 7mge motor, it looks the same as my 7mgte head, are there any differences between the two? Thanks
  10. AN fittings and SS line for power steering

    MKIII Technical
    I have taken 6 different supra steering hoses to a local shop that makes hydr. lines and had them repaired for 20.00 each. any shop that works on fork lifts should be able to fix that line very cheap.
  11. mkll parts

    NM Forsale/Wanted
    is this rick? I have the red 88 that used to hang out at Mikes house. I just got a bumper from a 86 at the pull apart yard on friday with all parking lights and signals for my 86 I am building. I was gonna use a 84 bumper for it prior to that. lights are different, 85 and 86 wrap around the...
  12. mkll parts

    NM Forsale/Wanted
    those are the trim pieces that attatch to the valance ,right. in front of each headlight? I think I have some, I will check tonight. do you need both sides?
  13. mkll parts

    NM Forsale/Wanted
    I am building an 86 mkll and have alot of extra parts if anyone needs them. one hood, two bumpers (84), fenders, some flares,etc.. let me know what ya need.I live in Bosque Farms. Thanks. Brad. 869-2054
  14. Please help with sputtering problem

    MKIII Technical
    I had the same problem with my 88, sometimes ran smooth then would sputter very bad, no codes showing, turned out to be bad moroso plug wires.