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  • N2fishin ·
    Oh really? I guessed I'm flatterd since there are so many nice Supra out there and you choose mine. The sad thing is that I haven't drive it for awhile because I"m so busy with work. Anyhow, I'm happy to know someone out there like my Supra. I'll dig up my computer and see if I have any nice pictures of it.
    frickeman7 ·
    so i was looking around the forum which id just recently joined...
    and i saw your sig..
    just wanted to let you know ive had your car as my facebook profile picture before ahaha (via google image " white supra" aha !)
    i was unsure at first..until i saw the TRD vinyl on the side i knew it had to be yours
    your supras cleaaan man i love it
    would you mind showing me some pics ?
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