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  • George 94 TT ·
    Hey nick I've been searching the forums for a long time looking for answers on wheel fitment and i see you answering on all of the threads so i would like to ask you i am looking on the ENKEI GTC01RR wheels for the rears the closest offset to supra fittment i see is a 10.5 +35 will that fit my 94 tt is showroom stock and i dont want to modify fenders or suspension.
    for the fronts i found three sizes
    all of them are 18 inch
    if they fit what size tires should i get
    thank you in advance
    Supramang91 · blue 91 was parked right next to your Blk 95TT...I tried to post a pic...but it didnt was going to tag you in it on FB in the MK3 appreciation and I were talking about Binghamton....and upstate NY.....Richard
    Supramang91 ·
    Hey Nick...nice talking to you at the Philly meet last sunday.....had a great time.....good food.... good people and lots of Supras !!!...I should have told you ...but I didnt know that we were freinds here on the
    abmodia ·
    Hey Nick,
    When you installed the Q216 in the front did you have to modify anything on the door frame because I know you modified the door panel to mount the speakers on there on there? The speakers depth is very deep that is why I am asking.
    omarciho ·
    Nick .. sorry for the links .... this is one you can check
    you are rigth... i only wanted to save money because the price of this item i so expensive and here is goin to cost me 60 usd .. Otherwise, taxes for import one like this is very spensive in my country ... these are my main reason to try to test and boy it ... i am so thank you for your answer, your kindly mensage and you apreciate time ....
    best wishes Nick !!!
    Nick 95 6sp ·
    I can't open any of your picture links. It seems I have to have an account with that site to open pics.

    This seems like an obvious question: why don't you just buy a Blitz SBC Id Color complete instead of one without the harness? They come up occasionally in the for sale section here. I would just wait for one to be available. Otherwise, I really don't know who could help you with the harness.

    Don't worry about your english. You're making a great effort, thank you.
    omarciho ·
    i have a problem NIck ...
    'm buying a BLITZ SBC Id Color ... but it doesent has no one harnes/wire :( ... and i dont know how cai i do to test it before tu pay all ... so if you could help me to build the cable between these two devices, sugest me who could help me or maybe post a new Thread .... I'd appreciate so much...
    these some pics

    Regards and thank so much for your time Nick

    Pd. I live in Bolivia, mi elglish not good...sorry... and is complecated in my contry tu acces a buy and pay in ttp:// ... and very xpensive too...
    Nick 95 6sp ·
    hi omarciho. I do not have the Blitz in my car ever since I had the AEMv2 installed and I'm using the AEM for boost control. Do you have a question or problem?
    Nick 95 6sp ·
    sorry but I must be a video derelict since I still have no video. When I get home from vacation on Aug 4 or 5, I'll get a vid that weekend on the street. A track vid will have to wait but I will be hitting the track at least a couple more times before mid-Fall and will make a vid. Thanks for your inspiration and nagging ;)
    Nick 95 6sp ·
    Rick said he thought it could be worth from $250 to $500 depending on materials, coating, wg recirc or not. Let me know if you have questions and I'd be very interested to hear how you make out if you get it and for how much. Thanks.

    Nick 95 6sp ·
    Hi Dan.

    Does the piece Powerhouse is selling have the wastegate dumped to atmosphere or back into the downpipe? You may not care, but the recirc'd wg version has a bit more fabrication and would probably sell for a little more; reason I prefer it is because it is quieter and I don't like even more noise than I already have.

    In any case, is it stainless steel, is it ceramic coated? I'll PM my fabricator buddy, Rick, and ask him what he thinks. I figure he can make a stainless one for a few hundred bucks so a used one might be about $150 to $200 but that's my wild guess. I'm sure Rick will send me a txt msg soon and I'll post back here to let you know.
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