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  • SuP|2A ·
    Hello! I hear you are the man to talk too about tuning the FCON VPRO. I'm in New Brunswick (an hour north of the state of Maine in Canada) I have a VPRO tuned by Reg at RCTS but am having logistics issues in getting it retuned after installing my fuel system.

    Do you have a number I might be able to call you at to discuss further?


    mikes02ls1 ·
    I'm interested in a meth kit for my 2jz swapped Cressida, one with a 5 gallon container. I live in arizona, and would love to have something boost this weak 91 octane... You got anything?
    gottakeepon ·
    Hey man, when getting on to your site, google chrome gives me a warning about it hosting malware and won't let me proceed. I would have emailed you, but you don't have an email listed.
    Supra_Woman ·
    I just arrived in albuquerque and I also read your sticky on mechanics in NM. I'm having problems with my supra and was wondering roughly how much would you charge? It might be a bhg but then again, I'm not sure. I'd do it myself but we don't have a home yet and all our tools are packed up.
    Scott Duncan ·
    Hey, Tony told me to get in touch with you to see if you could answer some of my water/methanol questions before I go to the dyno and start building a map. I'm definitely going C-16 for full kill at the track, but I'm looking in to keeping the most rwhp for my daily driving and keeping the cost of fuel down too. I have an AEM water/meth kit installed, but I can pull it out and sell it if it's too much of a hassel. Can I use E85 and water/methanol at the same time? Is there any benefits to doing that? Let me know. Thanks for your time.
    BOB2020 ·
    does the Greddy Profec B boost controller come with the whole harness or just the controller. also is it the 3 dials or the one with a readout???
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