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  1. Wheels are finally on the car!

    Members Rides
    Looking Vicious, Nice!
  2. my first kill :D

    Kill Stories
    Good Kill...Next time wait and see what car you are running LOL
  3. MKIV killed by stock R33

    Kill Stories
    Could have been worse...gets more runs in!
  4. 06 Dodge 1500 VS Riced out 240sx

    Kill Stories
    HAHAHAHAHA Nice!!!
  5. 95 SC300 Red/Blk 1JZ swap Cleeeeeaaaannn!

    Florida For Sale/Wanted
    Clean SC, Are you willing to Sell the wheels seperately???
  6. FL2k10: Florida Lexus/Supra Winter Mega Meet Jan 31st 2010

    Florida Forum
    I will be there for sure!!