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  • Harsupra ·
    Hi Radride

    Trying to buy some wheel from CCW Classic 18x12 rear Mkiv supra.
    335/30/18 rear on 18x12.
    Rear wheel CCW standard offset is 18x12.0+44
    Do you have some info on offset?
    Is this correct?

    SupraSaiyan ·
    Hi Radride,

    I'd like to run this by you before I finalize my order with Fikse.

    I'll be ordering them in:

    18x10 +42
    18x11.5 +55

    I plan to run R888 285/30f and 315/30r. I understand I will need to remove one screw from the front fender lining. Can you confirm I will be able to fit the rear with NO rear fender mods and at that offset, no rubbing issues? I don't mind if the wheels are fender flush, I just don't want rubbing issues and do not want to shave or roll my fenders.

    Thank you so much for being the Wheel Fitment Guru!
    rstb ·
    Hi and thanks for the answer!
    Are you absoulute sure that they will fit? :)
    And would I still be able to lower the car?

    Thanks :) ·
    I would like to get some advise from you about wheels setup.
    I have '97 Supra TT and want to buy set (as I mentioned in topic):
    Front: WORK VS XX Stpe Rim 19 x 8.5 T-Disk ET23
    Rear: WORK VS XX Stpe Rim 19 x 9.5 A-Disk ET19
    I've said that it willflush the front fender, but rears are going to be too wide about 6mm. Are you sure?
    Because I've made some measurments with my previous sets and they looked like this:

    These are OEM 17" (17" x 9.5" with +50 Offset) wheels with 20mm spacers each side. There is still 12mm to flush the fender, so how you calculated that they will be 6mm sticked out?


    The rears which I've choosen should be 11mm out of the OEM 17" with spacers - or, did I made some mistake?
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