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  • Hectorious972 ·
    Hello My name is Hector I was mkiv972 on here but I haven't been on here for a while. I tried signing in but wouldn't let me.I saw that new temp passwords were emailed out but I don't seem to have gotten mine. I also don't remember which email I used since it was back in 2006 that I first registered.I lost was on here in December and would really like if I could get my orginal account back.

    Hector Dominguez
    bad apple ·
    You may or may not remember me.
    I am Errol @ TPS.
    I was banned several years back, then asked to come back.
    I am not active at all on any forums, so the coming back was/is not realistic.
    Anyway. Now that that is out of the way, you may or may not be aware of The Red Sled. My full tube chassis Supra.
    I would like to sell it, and would like to list it in the cars for sale section of this sight.
    I am writing to ask permission to do so.

    I would sign in as Errol @ TPS, if I could remember the password, or if I can recover the account.
    Poling2127 ·
    looking to post my GTR for sale in other cars. Member since 2008 but couldn't remember my old SN (think it was Ranger75?). Wondering if you could approve since I don't have the post count. THanks.
    uask4it ·
    Can you do me a favor and open back up my for sale thread on my race car. Going to edit some things and sell it. Thanks a bunch.
    lokrath94TT ·
    I've been a member since... well, since before the change to this format. My profile says 2002, but I've been around longer than that. I haven't posted in many years but I now need to sell my Supra and I was hoping you might be able to give me the OK to procede.
    Thank you.
    dorinmk3 ·
    hello! i know im a new member but i would really like to post a ct26 turbo to sell, the replacement one i have is for an older model supra and not a 91. i just wanna know if i could get permission to sell it. thankyou!
    uniquemaster ·
    Hi there, I've been a member of the forums since 2006, but am a very heavy lurker... not much of a poster over the many years :( Is there any chance I could get permission to post a for-sale thread for my 95 supra? Several forum members could vouch for me and the car. Please let me know :)

    Thank you very much,
    livestrongroadie ·
    Hello, I have been a member of this forum since 2011 and have recently surpassed the 150 post count. I am writing to ask permission to begin selling as I have a lot of extra parts laying around that just aren't moving on my local craigslist.
    ammyers ·
    Hi, My name is Adam Myers I have been a member of SF since 2003, I have a 93.5 supra that I purchased back in 2010 here on the forums along with my 97 I owned years before that. I know i have under 150 posts but I would like to put my supra up for sale here on the forums. I have used this website for much research and am appreciative of information I recieve from it. So with respect I ask you If I may Post my supras ad in the for sale section.

    Thank you, Adam
    thatsupra7 ·
    Please take down the thread I created titled: FS: RSP 6 spd 1997 Supra TT stock with greddy fmic and hks air intake for $35K. Thank you.
    turbor1 ·
    hello id like to try to sell my ducati 848evo in the other cars section, ive been a member here for probably 8-10 years just not a big poster, wanted to get the ok first
    881JZ ·
    By the way, these ppl can vouch for me.
    881JZ ·
    I would like to post up my GS300 for sale.
    Its 5 speed, turbo, LSD, standalone... the whole 9 yards. Its the same setup that was in my mk3.
    I didn't see an appropriate place to post a FS ad though.
    So wanted to run it by you 1st.

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