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  1. Supra dinner and meet

    South Cali Supras
    pretty sad when you have to put feelers out to see if you will be harassed at a once a month event by law enforcement in a car as a community most of us drive a few times a year
  2. 94 tt usdm lq9 coil install

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Im installing a set of lq9 coils and need to know what modifications i need to make to the igniter harness. I would also like some info on the igf box and why its needed I looked through the thread for the coils but i couldnt find a diagram. Thanks
  3. quote for rear pads

    Elmhurst Toyota Scion
    2008 highlander rear pads thanks kurt
  4. Let's have a meet!

    South Cali Supras
    Im not sure of my wifes schedule but I should be able to make it do i need to RSVP?
  5. need quote on window trim

    Elmhurst Toyota Scion
    i need a quote on the window scrapers on all the doors its a 2005 tundra double cab thanks again
  6. Any pics of the Twins Turbo red car????

    Builds & Projects
    The v style set up the modesty panel sheet metal work I even told the guy if the carbon plug cover having the dry carbon everything perfect its breathtaking
  7. SIV 2014 - Sept 19 - 21 : Main Event Page

    Supras In Vegas 2019 (SIV2019)
    i agree with stu i didnt realize you could cross
  8. Supra stolen at excalibur

    Supras In Vegas 2019 (SIV2019)
    Thats heartbreaking hope you get your gem back makes me want to buy a lojack
  9. SIV Socal caravan - Friday

    South Cali Supras
    see you guys tomorrow ill still be departing around 7 tonight i did see some supras last night on their way i was in mine on the 15 toward vegas
  10. SIV SoCal Caravan 2014 - Thursday, September 18th

    South Cali Supras
    I couldent get the day off and im forced to drive in late friday evening sorry :/
  11. Chasing a misfire...losing my mind

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Sorry opening the gap on the plug not closing .20 is tiny
  12. Looking for Quiet and Incognito Exhaust options

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    I have a TRD gen 1 I think its the best but I have never seen another one
  13. FS lq9 coil kit, precision 6265 turbo

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    hey does the lq9 set come with the brackets and the ign box or just the coils and harnesses
  14. Anyone have a GTE motor for sale?

    Supras In Vegas 2019 (SIV2019)
    I bet a 2jz engine will fetch a premium 2 weeks before race wars
  15. SIV Socal caravan - Friday

    South Cali Supras
    I just put a factory short block among other parts I would like to be with other people just in case i have any issues since i havent taken the thing any longer than 45 miles one way im sure it will be fine but im still getting the kinks out i had a vsv fail last week