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  1. Need a Rear Bumper

    For Sale/Wanted
    Long story short Im in Anaheim, someone rear ended me and he ran away, well it turns out the motorist that hit me had no insurance or drivers licence, the guy fleed on foot and left his car there. The cops called me after they finished the investigation and now its pay up the insurance co-pay...
  2. TT Brakes, Titan Sub Frame Mounts, Trunk Shocks, Steering wheel hub, TRD Tach......

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    will you take 300 for the calipers picked up?
  3. These parts blow! (Air).

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    take the door panel off and there are a few screws that will realese them from the panel alongwith the arm rest
  4. 2JZGE complete drivetrain

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    supra engine Hello, I know this is a low ball but if you need to get rid of it later if no more offers come up I can give you 600 for it. Let me know, Thank you George 714-932-7063
  5. Misc. supra stuff for sale.

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Best Price on the Transmission mount? please email me at [email protected] thank you
  6. Nissan taking care of CVT owners, warranties doubled...

    Other Cars
    Being the owner of a nissan Altima, this transmission is pretty cool, it does peak upthere and will not shift until you let go of the gas...pretty danm cool!
  7. What do you think?: KEYLESS / Smart start for Supras

    Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.) and Lighting
    Question, what would the difference be if you go to a slavage yard and rip of the system from a Nissan or an infinity, or a newer lexus....will it not work?
  8. Parts sales

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    I can fax you a label so you dont have to pay for shipping, just send me a fax number and I will fax it over, I need them as soon as possible....sorry for the inconvenience on this.
  9. Parts sales

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Key Locks Payment sent on key locks, Thank you
  10. Wanted: MKIV Driver Side Fender

    For Sale/Wanted he has the pair for sale, good deal.
  11. FS: 2JZ-GE VVti motor complete package - 23k miles - SoCali

    For Sale/Wanted
    I will take the motor, I am in Garden grove, and I can pick up on Wednesday....let me know 714-932-7063 oh and I can throw in a TRD carbon fiber hood replica if you are interested, I have pics of it on my phone I can send you...let me know
  12. Any 800+rwhp APU Supra run a Veyron yet?

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Well played...well played