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  • gcsd3742 ·
    I hear you are the resident expert on electrical... My Odometer doesnt light up, I just recently purchased this car what options do I have? Everything else works just fine..

    Thanks in advance,

    Vader_Prime ·
    I asked Wryann what is he talking about and they said that they sold my baby... Needless to say I was beyond pissed, but was not in a position to get up there quickly. So needless to say before the statue of limitations passes, I need to find someone who can point me in the right direction to press charges, and be compensated for my loss.

    So my question to you is there anyone you know that can help, I am willing to split the lawsuit 70/30 to whom ever can assist since I am not local to the area any longer.

    Let me know if you know of someone... You can reach me directly at [email protected]

    Thanks man..

    Vader_Prime ·
    Yo Stu,

    This is Vinnie (Maroon Supra) Huge Sound System... Running with Keith Heart and crew from Portland. I know you remember, I was the only black guy :) Either way, I am looking for some help... My car, (gone now for 3+years) was stolen by Wryann @ VIP Performance 8216 NE Sacramento St Portland, OR 97220.

    I had my car delivered to them, (I live in Baja Mexico now) to have the engine rebuilt which I bought, and was sending payments for the total job of $4500. Needless to say without warning or contacting me, I contacted them to send another payment and they told me it was gone...
    95TTGB ·
    hey Stu i was wondering how much do you charge for the Gauge Cluster mod installing the LED's into the dash

    thanks in advance
    adamthrowsroks ·
    Hey Stu,

    i have a quick question wiring for you, do you know if the ODO needs to be plugged in for the A/C and the Lighter to work as well?
    rex and i missed you at Tx2k, wish you could have come man!

    thanks alot!

    SidewaysSupra ·
    Hows it going old friend Im back in PNW living up in the mountains near snoqualmie but I commute by your place twice a week on the weekends. My GF lives in Everett. Id liked to stop by sometime and catch up. I think youd like her car(G37 coupe) and im picking up a nice TRD Limited Tundra next week if I can meet up with guy in Portland. Anyway you can call or text anytime. Take care Tejon
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