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  1. Pics of my New Cage

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    Very nice garage I love the Termi....
  2. Random shots....

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    Nice pics, the last Supra not so much....
  3. 2014 Mustang to get IRS

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    I do also like how Ford is offering the Bear brake upgrade suspension and power packs on the new 5.0 cars....If they go with the IRS I hope they do some upgrage packages like these for it.
  4. 2014 Mustang to get IRS

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    The back of the 2010+ stang looks like **** I like the 370 except the front it doesnt flow with the back of the car IMO...
  5. 2014 Mustang to get IRS

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    Nope I need the intant power the Cobra is getting auto-x'd and getting some road course time so I don't have time for turbo lag...
  6. Semi Murdered S14 240sx Lots of pics

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    Wow that is a sweet 240....
  7. 2014 Mustang to get IRS

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    I love the instant power of the S/C but for gas and power you can't beat the Turbo's.....I say this and yet I'm doing the Eaton swap on my 01
  8. 2014 Mustang to get IRS

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    Diehard Ford fan here and I would love to see a turbo 5.0...
  9. My 00 Viper ACR>802rwhp

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    Very nice car and good numbers as well...
  10. Cobra pics...

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    Yes it's getting a 2" drop soon and is also getting the Eaton swap from an 03/04 I already have the blower lower manifold and some smaller stuff but I still need a bunch of parts to finish it off.
  11. Cobra pics...

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    A couple pics of my 01 Cobra....
  12. **PHOTOSHOOT** Orange Gallardo Twin Turbo **PICS INSIDE**

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    Wow.....I am speachless
  13. 2014 Mustang to get IRS

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    Cobra guy here I love the IRS in my 01...I really do hope they put the IRS in the 2014, just wish they would put a little more attention into the interior.
  14. Somewhat new guy...

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    Hey everyone my names Jared I'm from NC....but alot of you may know me from this video: Yes I really did make the video, on SVTperformance my name is also 98_undertaker as it is on streetfire. I signed up here a while back but never...