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      I used this when I replaced my tail light gaskets! (along with Toyota gasket)

      Take your time and have a deep well socket and extension. Be careful not to damage the trim pieces. They don't need to come out, but you do need to release a few of the bolts I want to say 10mm. It will be a charcoal mess most likely, but cleans up well. And no more spare tire/side saddle flooding. (y)

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      I want to create a newer thread on this topic, partly because my last attempt at this task failed, and partly because most of the threads are over 10 years old, so I'd like to get a post going that compiles any newer tips and recent install experiences.

      To start with my experience, the driver-side targa seal on my '89 would leak a little bit, but typically only under more direct, higher pressure water exposure, e.g., either a hard downpour or in a carwash. So I decided to replace it with a new seal (summer of 2020), primarily following the steps from the link below:

      However, the result was that the leak became way worse, so apparently I did something wrong. One thing I may have screwed up was with the adhesive. I used 3M Black Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive, and I didn't wait for it to get tacky before putting the metal drip rail back on. Otherwise, I felt like I followed the steps correctly.

      So I am planning to revisit this project yet again very soon, but also do the front and passenger-side seals, and of course I want to get it right this time. Anyone done this recently and have some updated tips? Please share here.

      Other links on this topic for reference (excluding the now unavailable Supramania posts, of course):
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