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      Before I got my hands on the OEM targa tool, I was looking at getting this cheap drill with an Allen bit from harbor freight. It should store pretty easily in the vehicle as well. Or just a cheap 1/4in ratchet, extension, and allen socket would do the trick.

      Indeed, I typically use something like this to do most of the turning, but you may still want a means to do the final tightening or initial breaking free.. Not that the bolts should really be cranked down, but sometimes these little drivers are a bit gutless. I usually use the OEM tool to do the initial/final pass, which is convenient because the OEM driver is basically a 1/4 (6mm) extension, so it fits the OEM ratchet, cordless driver, and the roof bolts.

      As with any bolt... be careful not to cross thread when using power tools, especially on bolts that are loosened and tightened as much as these are designed to be.
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