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      Whifbitz has a kit too, but it's silly-expensive Whifbitz Drive By Wire Throttle Conversion

      I found a couple of items that should work, but still need the adapter from intake to Bosch TB.
      Bosch 0280750474 Throttle Lever Bosch Throttle Body Assembly
      Lexus SC430 DBW pedal


      I assume the sc430 pedal bolts right up?

      Also the bosch 74mm would be my preference, as that's a true 3" TB, and I could reuse on a plazaman intake when I am ready to step up. I wonder if the flange for it is bigger than the 68mm...going to see if I can find some flange diagrams...

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      Read the thread dude, I posted all the relevant parts and their respective numbers above.
      <edit> WTF. Scrolling back up I hadn't noticed that the board was hiding the last 8 or so posts. So, excuse the bit of redundancy here about the pedal position sensor, since it was answered above as being the same 6-pin as the Idle Air Control Valve connector, which should be Toyota 90980-11144.

      Been looking. Can't find 78010-24010 anywhere. Actually, jp-carparts seems to have it, but it's over $100 more than 78010-30030, and needs to ship overnight from Japan :cool: ...
      ACCELERATOR LINK / lexus | part list|

      78010-30030 seems to be around, and looks the same ?

      DIY is cheaper than Whifbitz ... $834 (£675.00)
      Garage Whifbitz Drive By Wire Throttle Conversion


      Bosch 74mm (0280750474) throttle body from Amazon $145 Bosch 0280750474 Throttle Lever Bosch Throttle Body Assembly: Automotive

      Connector for Bosch throttle body - $18
      Bosch Motorsport Electronic Throttle Body Connector DBW

      Whifbitz adapter for 74mm to either VVTi or non-VVTi - $222 (£180.00)
      Garage Whifbitz Supra Drive By Wire Throttle Adaptor

      Lexus SC430 pedal (78010-30030) - $221

      Pedal position sensor connector (90980-11150 ??) - $10 or so
      Home » Shop » Connectors / Harnesses » Sumitomo » Sumitomo 4 way TS Plug Kit for TPS & Distributors - 90980-11150 - 90980–12057

      Total $616 vs $834

      Am I missing anything here ? Need a part number for the pedal position sensor connector
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